— When it comes to 3-wheelers not everyone rides a Honda. Back in the ’80s Yamaha made a high-performance, two-stroke, 250 to compete with the ATC250R. It was called the Tri-Z 250 and there are still many of these fast machines roosting around on the trails and race tracks today.

Jeremy Strout is a Dirt Wheels reader down in Florida who enjoys racing his Yamaha Tri-Z 250 at the 3-wheeler events put on by the Florida ATC Syndicate. As a typical racer Jeremy made sure his machine was a little faster than stock. It has a big-bore 350cc cylinder built by Harry Klemm. The pipe for that cylinder was custom made by Rich Daly at Dyno Port.

Jeremy says the biggest improvement to his Tri-Z are the inverted forks provided by Jason Hall from Hall’s Performance. He also says there’s nothing better than riding a high-performance two-stroke machine from the 1980s, especially 3-wheelers.

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