Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Full 1 Into 2 Exhaust System

​Barker’s Performance is excited to announce the release of their latest exhaust system,
the Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Full 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust System. Inspired by their success with the
Yamaha Grizzly ATVs, which has the same 708cc motor as the Wolverine, they sought to create a new
performance exhaust for this popular UTV. Thorough research, development, and testing ultimately
revealed a full 1 into 2 exhaust system that achieves a solid 4 horsepower gain over the stock setup, and
opens up the opportunities for even more gains by additional upgrades or modifications.

Although the initial development for the full 1 into 2 exhaust for the Wolverine proved to be unsuccessful,
the downfall forced Barker’s Performance to come at the new development with an altogether different
perspective. Heading back to the dyno with a variety of different pipe combinations, they tested multiple
diameters, step locations and more. The rigorous testing of each pipe combination allowed Barker’s to
see what the machine really wanted in order to produce solid results. When final testing revealed the best
combination, the design for the new Full 1 into 2 exhaust system was complete.The testing also revealed
that addressing the fuel and airflow on the machine could provide opportunities for even more horsepower

After a great deal of research, development, and testing, Barker’s Performance is very confident in their
performance gains achieved with with new Full 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust System. With an overall 4+
horsepower gain, Barker’s Performance is very satisfied with this new exhaust for the Wolverine UTV and
knows customers will be pleased with the results. Gains are realized with proper tuning and Barker’s
highly recommends that you purchase a Fuel Controller to go with your system if you do not already have
one on the machine.
Barker’s engineers offered the following comment regarding their new 1 into 2 Full Dual Exhaust for the
2016-2017 Wolverine: “It became clear to us that to truly get the gains we wanted the machine really liked
splitting into the duals like the Grizzly’s. Another factor that we’ve found is the extreme heat that this
motor produces. Singles just were not going to be a reliable solution for us so using our proven Dual
Grizzly cans allow that heat to be spread over two mufflers. Duals and Tuning alone yielded around 4hp
and really opens up the doors for much more gains with Cams, or a High Compression Piston. The stock
Single would have really held back those potential gains from what we could see.”

All Barker’s Performance exhaust systems, including the new Full 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust System for the
Wolverine, are hand crafted and tig welded in Michigan. The exhaust offers that coveted Barker’s deep,
husky sound and features two sleek brushed aluminum cans outfitted with a black Barker’s Performance
tag. Installation instructions are provided to make the process go smoothly if you’re doing it yourself.

Pricing & Availability
The brand new Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Full 1 into 2 Dual Exhaust Systems are available for
immediate shipping from their website for $859. The EHS fuel controller is also in stock and available for
$210. Alternatively, your local Barker’s Performance authorized dealer can order the system for you and
assist in proper installation and tuning.

Barker’s Performance
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