— Yamaha’s Banshee 350 was an instant hit when it was first introduced back in 1987. Everyone loved the power it produced from its twin-cylinder, two-stroke engine. It remained a popular quad throughout its 20 years of production, which is remarkable since it was never updated or changed during that time. One has to wonder how much better the Banshee would have been if Yamaha had continually improved this quad from year to year. Instead, Banshee owners had to rely on hop-up shops to keep their machine’s power, suspension and handling on par with current quads.

Wayne Cope in Crete, Illinois wanted to own a Banshee that was more in tune with the modern sport quad world, so he set out to create one. He started with a 2006 YFZ450 and removed the four-stroke engine. Next, Wayne made custom motor mounts to fit a Banshee engine into the YFZ frame. From there he made various other improvements to the YFZ such as wider A-arms from Lonestar. To get more trail torque from the two-stroke twin he went with a two into one pipe, which also made for a trimmer fit.

Wayne put a lot of work into his YF-shee, but he says it was well worth it, because he now has a quad with the speed of a Banshee and the handling of a modern 450. He says it’s a fun quad for sure. Do you have a project quad or UTV that deserves to be featured here and in the printed magazine? If so send us good photos and information on it.

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