Hey wait, that's a 4-cylinder engine!


Upon further review that’s not a single-cylinder engine. It’s got 4 exhaust pipes and 4 intake tracks, so there’s no way it can be a YFZ450 engine. Maybe we should read what James Masephol said about his quad in his Email to us.

Well, it did indeed start out as a 2005 Yamaha YFZ450. However, he took the engine out and installed the engine from a Yamaha R1 street bike. Those 1000cc 4-cylinder engines make about 180 horsepower stock, and James figures his gets more like 200 with the freer flowing intakes and exhaust.

Of course, that bigger and heavier engine didn’t just slip into the 450’s frame. Nope, James says he had to rebuild the entire chassis to make more room for the R1 engine’s extra girth. Looks like he did a clean job, though.


Taking on a project like this means you have to do some engineering to make everything fit.  In this case, the only place left for the gas tank was under the seat. James had to be a little creative with the exhaust system as well. But overall, this YFZ-R1 looks like it’d be a fun quad to ride. With 200 horsepower it would certainly get you around a motocross track in a hurry. Or, blast you up a big sand dune in the blink of an eye.

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