It’s powered by the same 1000cc, three-cylinder engine that’s in the YXZ dirt UTV. With the extra street-legal hardware it gained around 150 pounds, but is still around half the weight of most sports cars at 1,650 pounds. The chassis/tub is made of carbon fiber which is why it’s unusually light. To keep production costs down Yamaha uses an outer and inner layer of carbon fiber with a honeycomb section in between. This makes it much stronger and and allows less flex than the typical steel chassis of most cars. This thing should really handle tight and offer quick direction changes with precise cornering lines.


This street YXZ was introduced recently at the Tokyo Auto Show and Yamaha hasn’t made any commitments if or when it would go to production. Would they make that bold step? Well, keep in mind that Yamaha has been involved in the auto world for awhile now. They have provided engines for Toyota, Ford and Volvo, as well as a high-powered V-12 for Formula 1 racing.

yxz1000r motor

It would be kind of awesome if Yamaha took this concept vehicle to production. Imagine how cool it would look to have this car parked right next to your YXZ 1000R in the garage. Sweet!

yamaha concept car

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