QuadCross at Racetown was hot in more ways than one

      I love it when a young kid comes into his own. The sheer joy and enthusiasm of a rider getting his first win is so uplifting that it’s hard not to feel like you did were a part of something good, just by seeing it. Justin Noss had never won a QuadCross 450 Production Pro race. In fact no one but Jeremie Warnia and Dustin Nelson had won an overall so far this year. That all changed in the extreme heat of Adelanto, California Sunday when Noss took a hard earned overall win and $1350 purse home.
Justin Noss took his first QuadCross Pro win
      The cool thing was that virtually everyone was happy to see it. Clark Jones of Noleen has been helping Justin for a long time, so has Scott Haydis of  Racetown and virtually every one of the local riders from the high-desert area was cheering for the home-town boy. “He’s a great kid from a good family,” said Haydis before the race. “Everyone here is hoping he’ll do well.” Even Nelson and Warnia were somewhat happy to see Justin take the overall. They are locked in a points battle and were pleased to see Noss take points AWAY from each other.
      For both Nelson and Warnia, the weekend was bad–but not as bad as it could have been. Dustin had a terrible first moto. “I had a great line through this whoop section. But one lap I hit something that killed my drive, and then landed sooo hard. I knew something had to break. I was worried about a bent axle or a flat. But when the bike kind of wobbled through the next turn I realized I had broken the subframe. I did about two laps like that, jumping everything but trying to be smooth, but eventually the bike died. I think the wires from the Power Commander were stretched out and making intermediate contact. I pushed the button and it started, but only ran a few turns. I repeated that a few times to get to the finish, which was great, because it gave me an 11th place.:
      In the meantime, Warnia was way out front, riding with the flair and color that is the Freanchman’s trademark. Noss found himself in second, which was better than he expected.
      But in the second moto, it was Warnia’s turn to have bad luck. He crashed hard on he first lap and struggled to remount, a good half lap behind the leader. That was, as it turned out, his MotoWorks Can-Am teammate Serge Baker, who was building a slight lead over Moto West Yamaha rider Jason Dunkleberger. Nelson had pulled his WORCS cross-country quad out of the truck and pressed it into service. It took him a few laps to adjust to the softer power and suspension, but eventually he passed Dunkleberger and Baker. Shortly afterward, Noss came up on Dunkleberger and started applying pressure. He passed his fellow Yamaha rider, then closed on Baker. Pretty soon everyone was out on the track telling Noss to cool it. he didn’t need to pass anyone else to get the overall win. His 2-3 score was good enough, while Dunkleberger was 3-4 for second. Warnia make a great comeback rider to finish sixth and net fourth place points, while Nelson’s lopsided score put him in sixth behind Beau Baron.
      Another great moment for youth was Justin Jones, who won his very first expert race on his 17 birthday. Justin is a Dirt Wheels test rider and son to four-time MX champion Gary Jones. For compete results, go to
Dustin Nelson took the second moto
Sage Baker leads it early
Justin Jones

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