Zowa Goggles

Eye protection is always needed in extreme sports like ATV riding. Goggles come in different shapes, styles and sizes. They all have the same goals in mind, which are comfort, clear vision and protection. Zowa created a goggle with the largest range of vision we have tested here at Dirt Wheels. Introducing the $58 Zowa Visor goggle with the biggest lens in the business.

The Zowa goggle offers a range of vision that is larger than any goggle we have tested. The lens is very wide, which allows your peripheral vision to not be obstructed, allowing you to take in more of your surroundings as you ride through them. To make this possible, the goggle does not fit on your face the same as a traditional goggle would. The top of the Zowa Visor goggle rests on the front of your helmet directly above the open face of your helmet and below the visor. The bottom of the goggle rests on your face like the bottom of a traditional goggle does. Since only the bottom of the goggle rests on your face, it is very comfortable to wear and barely feels like you are wearing goggles at all. The main aspect that could change our opinion on purchasing this goggle would be the fact that air flows through them a bit too well. They are perfect for warm temperature riding, but in the cold, the high flow of air can dry your eyes out quickly, which can make it difficult to see. After wearing them for some time, your eyes will adjust to the sensation, though. The Zowa’s lens is coated with an anti-fog formula, but they can occasionally still fog up. The looser fit below your eyes leaves the possibility of dust getting through, but it is not enough to make us not want to wear the Visor goggle.

We tested this goggle in many different riding areas, including a motocross track. If you can get past the looks you will get from other riders that see you wearing an abnormally large goggle, this Zowa goggle is a great product to have. The larger view you get from them can be very beneficial, the airflow during warm days keeps your face cool, and they are very comfortable. The $58 Zowa Visor goggle comes in three colors—cyan, red or black. You can purchase tear-offs for them at a price of $14 for a pack of 20 tear-offs. www.zowaoptics.com

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