A helmet is a very personal and vitally important part of your protective equipment. If you get a lid that is uncomfortable, it can make the ride a misery. It doesn’t need to be like that. It used to be that you could count on expensive helmet models and brands being comfortable, but the lower-priced helmets were hit-or-miss. The Zox Rush C is a hit—and not just a hit, but a home run in price, weight, comfort and protection.

A helmet starts with a shell, and the Zox is a fiberglass composite, and that in itself is uncommon in a helmet under 200 bucks. Zox uses two outer shell sizes and three EPS (the Styrofoam liner between the shell and the comfort padding) sizes, along with multiple comfort liners to allow for sizes between XS and XL. The Zox clearly runs on the large side. Our test unit was a large, and it was roomy on riders who normally wear XL. The shell features integrated ducts in front and Venturi-effect extractors in the rear that work in concert with molded vent channels in the EPS to vent the helmet.

When you put the helmet on, the first impression is that the interior is very plush and deeply padded. Close inspection of the comfort liner shows that it doesn’t look especially thickly padded, but it definitely treats your noggin with care. The material covering the comfort padding wicks sweat, and it is treated to minimize homesteading microbe colonies.

In our experience, helmet venting and fit are at odds. A helmet that fits snugly and stays solidly in place on your head never vents as well as a lid that fits more loosely in the cheek and jaw area. When the helmet is loose, the whole eyeport acts like a big air scoop. When the helmet fits correctly and doesn’t move around on your head in the rough, the padding around the face that holds it snug handicaps the airflow. The Rush C is one of the helmets that does have a snug and secure fit on your head. It does vent well, but the snug feel does affect air entering the helmet interior through the eyeport. For aggressive riding, we definitely prefer a snug and solid fit.

The helmet comes on and off easily, and the eyeport accommodated any goggles that we tried with no interference. The Rush C felt light, and it was always a pleasure to wear. It is available in patterns and solid colors, including the eye-searing Hi-Vis Orange that our helmet came decked in.

Compared to some companies, the colorways are a bit limited, but we found our helmet attractive with contemporary lines. Not that looks are the first priority, but it matters. Safety is important, though, and the Rush C is both Snell and DOT approved.
Our complaints were very limited. Some sponsor stickers will help, but the solid color look was off-putting to some. The cheek pads snap in place, but they also have an attached plastic wing that needs to slide into the liner to be all the way in place. Carrying the helmet by the chin bar disturbed the fit of the pads, and we had to re-seat them at times if we were carrying the helmet.


The Zox Rush C is a fine-looking lid with outstanding comfort and a top safety rating. Getting a fiberglass Snell-approved helmet for $189.99 is a deal any way you look at it. See www.zoxhelmets.com or your local dealer.

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