Photos by Justin Coffey

We threw a lot of hype at the three-wheelers racing the grueling 521 miles of Vegas to Reno 2023, but there were also a number of sport quads in this race, and the Pros and Ironman Experts upfront set a blistering pace!

There were a few issues concerning transponders that produced unreliable live tracking results, but in the case of the Pro Quad #Q5 Honda 450R team of Daulton Keyes and Wyatt Wilkin – they were just too fast for technology to keep up! The duo finished nearly 30 minutes ahead of their closest competitor with 521 miles completed in 10:14:37.

If the names sound familiar that’s because Keyes and Wilkin aren’t new to ATV racing, but they normally do it on the east coast in a much tighter trail setting with the GNCC series. Keyes is currently running third in the GNCC series Junior A (20+) ATV points. Wilkin, who usually rides a YFZ450R, is a GNCC XC1 Pro ATV racer.

Bret Greenholz and Elijah Conner are a pair of desert racing veterans from Utah. The two finished the course in 10:41:02 for a second place pro finish.

Three of the four Ironman (solo) Expert riders crossed the finish line. #603 Matthew Silsby from Doral, Florida was the first Ironman Expert to finish with a time of 11:36:12. That’s a lightning fast pace for one rider spending half a day in the saddle of a YFZ450R.

David Arnold brought the #678 Yamaha YFZ450R across the line with his own Ironman Expert time of 12:67:02.

Daniel Pirrie was the oldest Ironman on the course at 59 years. He finished the race in just under 14 hours – Hero Status!

Desert Racing is not easy. Not one single Quad Expert team finished the race, but we were secretly routing for the #496 Yamaha of Taryn Aguilera and Jay Dargert. Outside of the Dakar Rally, you don’t see many Yamaha Raptors in competition. but the Raptor is a solid  platform for long distance racing.


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