A race-inspired youth model for ages 10 and up

Story and photos by Jeff Henson – Test Rider: Ryan Scott

Those shock reservoirs do more than look cool. The Renegade X xc has a plusher feel that we’re used to on a youth-model ATV. It handles small jumps easily.

Can-Am’s top-of-the-line youth-model Renegade takes a giant step up from most other sport quads designed for kids. Yes, we said “sport quad.” The Renegade X xc 110 has many features defining what a sport quad should be. It includes dual front A-arm suspension, piggyback reservoir shocks, a swingarm, and it’s propelled by a final chain drive. The flat seat and styling are derivatives of the typical sport quad design. It’s a good-looking machine that produces plenty of excitement for pre-teen and teenage riders.

X xc package handguards offer complete finger protection, and wide footwells are reinforced with steel bracing with plenty of room for small and large boot sizes.


The Renegade X xc 110 EFI ($4099) is the premium version of Can-Am’s base Renegade 110 EFI ($3599). The extra $500 upgrades the single-A-arm front suspension with oil shocks to dual A-arms with wider travel and piggyback-reservoir nitrous-gas-charged shocks. It’s 1.6 inches wider with the longer-travel suspension upgrades. The X xc package also gets its own black and Legion Red graphics package, which includes all-plastic handguards to protect fingers from roost and the occasional tree branch.

With plenty of room to grow on, even our 18-year-old, 140-pound test rider found the Renegade X xc comfortable. Halogen running lights make it more visible to other trail users, too.


The 112cc engine is air-cooled and produces a fair amount of low-end torque. It climbed a moderate incline quickly with our 18-year-old, 150-pound test rider (max rider weight is 180 pounds). He’s already moved on to bigger machines but was surprised by how responsive the small Renegade was. EFI works as it should without any flat spots, hiccups, backfires or hesitation, and the engine fires immediately every time. We also noticed that fuel consumption is minimal. A full 1.6-gallon fuel tank should support a full day of riding. 

Thumb-throttle tension is light, even for smaller hands, and the thumb throttle includes a throttle limiter screw so parents can regulate acceleration and speed, which can be slowed to a crawl. A keyed ignition consists of a standard on/off switch with a push-button start to ensure the Renegade stays parked when parental supervision isn’t available.


The automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) keeps eyes on the trail rather than the controls with just one forward speed. The gear-selection lever is easy to get acquainted with. Roll it back for reverse, to the middle for neutral, and all the way up and out of the way for forward motion. Reverse gear has a built-in rev limiter that cannot be bypassed, so kids can’t get out of control when backing up. The final drive is handled by an O-ring chain and sprockets between the CVT and rear axle.

If you didn’t notice, the youth-model Renegade X xc takes all of its inspiration from the GNCC-dominating Can-Am Renegade X xc 1000R, which you can also read about in this issue.


The dual-A-arm front suspension has a gull-wing-style bend to the lower arms, slightly increasing ground clearance like those found on full-sized sport quads. All three shocks are upgraded from standard oil type to nitrous-gas-charged shocks and have threaded preload adjustment rather than the typical five-way clickers. The front shocks also get piggyback reservoirs for increased shock cooling. 

Suspension is where the X xc package shines versus the competition. No other major manufacturer offers an upgraded long-travel package for a youth ATV like this. The closest competitor is the Polaris Outlaw 110 EFI ($3599), which has specs that align more with the base-model Renegade. The Renegade X xc 110 is over 5 inches wider than the Outlaw.

With the wider front stance, the Renegade X xc 110 EFI is very stable around corners, even when standing.


Drum brakes are sealed from the elements, front and rear, and performed well during our testing. The handlebar-activated emergency brake is surprisingly strong, but might be a little tricky to engage with smaller hands. Disc brakes would be a nice future upgrade, at least for the front wheels, and would also shave off a little weight. Dual hand-brake controls offer optimal braking control. 

Rear Duro tires have a sporty MX-style tread type that works great on both hardpack, slippery pea gravel and in the sand. The front Duro tires are directional and have a center rib that tracks well in loose terrain.

The ride is comfortable for all sizes with a narrow width between the knees, a flat seat that’s easy to move around on, and fenders that provide just the right amount of splash protection.


The bar-centered dash doesn’t include a display, but it does have indicator lights to confirm when the gear selector is in neutral or reverse gears, as well as a check-engine light and low-fuel indicator.

Plastic fenders are durable and offer adequate splash protection. We did lose a few bodywork fasteners in less than two hours of testing, so the first modification before the first ride should include a bottle of Loctite and a screwdriver. Four halogen running lights are lit any time the engine is running to make small riders more visible.

Motocross-style tires have a soft compound that works great on hardpack and in loose terrain. Drum brakes are sealed to keep them dry and protected from the elements.

Seat height is just 28 inches, which is suitable for the smallest of riders but comfortable for all. Floorboards are large, protective of small legs and can accommodate any size boot comfortably. The footpegs are integrated into the molded plastic floor but provide a good grip. The steel-tube framework underneath the footwells provides stability and protection from rocks and debris. 

Can-Am claims an “estimated dry weight” of 310 pounds. With all fluids and a full 1.6-gallon tank, the Renegade 110 X xc weighed in at 316 pounds on our Proform vehicle scale. Wider suspension and other X xc package goodies add approximately 15 pounds to this model as compared to the base machine.

Lower A-arms have a race-inspired gull-wing bend to increase ground clearance, which is 8.3 inches at the frame and 4.5 inches beneath the swingarm skid plate.


Oil-fill inlets are all accessible without removing body panels. All drain plugs are positioned away from the frame tubes and skid plates for less mess. The foam air filter can be accessed without tools and includes a metal screen to guard against larger elements entering the intake.

A hefty front bumper is a smaller version of the one on the 1000R and provides easy grip points to lift the front end. It also makes a good anchor point for tie-downs. The rear grab bar is strong and easy to use when the quad gets stuck. It also has an integrated flag-whip mount. Attached to the grab-bar, we found a plug for an OptiMate battery charger (sold separately, starting at $46.95). You don’t have to fumble with the seat or alligator clamps on the battery terminals; just park it and plug it in. The charger maintains the battery once fully charged.

The Renegade X xc 110 EFI is one of the only youth machines to include threaded, preload-adjustable, nitrous-charged shocks with piggyback reservoirs to keep the internals cool.


Whether you’re looking for a solid trail ATV for the kids or a good machine to begin an ATV racing career on, the Renegade X xc 110 EFI is a solid choice. Power output is excellent and consistent with EFI, even for climbing and navigating deep, loose terrain. Can-Am is the only manufacturer we see offering upgraded youth models with race-inspired features like dual-A-arm front suspension, piggyback-reservoir shocks and a wider stance. It’s a great-looking machine that every kid would be proud to ride.

At 42 inches wide, the Renegade X xc 110 EFI has a wider front stance than any other ATV designed for riders ages 10 and up. It’s also one of the few that uses a dual-A-arm setup instead of single.


Engine type 112cc 4-stroke single cylinder, air-cooled

Fuel delivery system Electronic fuel injection (EFI) with built-in throttle limiter

Transmission Automatic CVT, F/N/R

Drive Chain driven/2WD

Starter Electric 

Suspension/wheel travel:

Front Double A-arm/5.5”

Rear Swingarm/6”


Front Gas with piggyback reservoirs

Rear Gas


Front 19×7-8”

Rear 18×9.5-8”

Wheels 8” aluminum


Front Dual drum

Rear Single drum 

Estimated dry weight 310 lb.

Length/width/height 60.6”/42”/38.6”

Wheelbase 41”

Ground clearance 8.3” under frame/4.5” under rear axle

Seat height 28” 

Fuel capacity 1.6 gal. (6 L) Indicators Neutral, reverse, fuel level & check engine lights

Lighting Halogen running headlights, LED taillight

Age requirement 10 years old and up

Warranty 6-month BRP; extended terms available

MSRP $4099

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