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May 16, 2017
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Harbor Freight’s trick, light ATV/motorcycle lift looks like a wide, low, light floor jack specially adapted to lift ATV and large-displacement motorcycles. The lift rolls on large-diameter plastic wheels that are very tough. As a result, the lift is easy to maneuver, even under a large quad. The only real trick to using it is to leave some room. The lift doesn’t lift the ATV straight up. Once the carriage of the lift contacts the frame rails or skid plates, the lift raises the machine and moves it toward you. It isn’t a big deal, and you barely notice after the first time.

The Harbor Freight ATV/motorcycle lift is a very nice piece of equipment. It is easy to use, rolls and carries easily, and it will lift up to 1500 pounds.

The lift is wide enough to be stable, lifting all four wheels of most quads. In the photos we are lifting a Yamaha Grizzly to change all four wheels and tires. It wasn’t a problem, and with a 1500-pound capacity, this lift is ready to take on big jobs. When we bought ours (retail $199.99, but frequently on sale for cheaper), there was a cheaper $99 steel version available. The aluminum unit is relatively easy to carry, but the steel one was a boat anchor, so unless you plan to use it only in the garage, go with the aluminum version. Even with smooth dirt or grass, the lift will roll, but we just carried it from the garage to the van when planning on working on quads in the field. Like a jack, the lift uses a long handle. Fortunately, it is made of aluminum as well. Simply slide it into the socket, and a hex in the bottom of the handle engages a male hex that opens and closes the hydraulic lift cylinder. A knurled set knob tightens up and keeps the handle from pulling loose when you don’t want it to.


The proof: One Yamaha Grizzly lifted completely up with all four tires elevated.

Use the handle to operate the cylinder and lift the ATV. The lift range is from 4 1/2 inches to 19 inches. If you use the included saddle extensions, add 2 inches—6.5 inches collapsed and 21 inches extended. The lift saddle and the surface of the saddle extensions are rubber-covered to avoid marring the machine. After lifting the machine, loosen the knurled lock and remove the handle for safety.


The lift comes with these risers. Just pop them into the holes in the lift arms. The Jack/Lift is two inches taller on the ground, but lifts the quad two inches higher.

This lift makes working on heavy quads a breeze. The lift saddle has a wide enough spread that you should be able to lift most machines and still drain the oil. The lift looks good, and being aluminum, it should stay that way. There is a 90-day warranty, but ours is well past that and still working perfectly. Visit www.harborfreight
.com, or see your Harbor Freight retail store.

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