A YXZ with Auto-Shift, Raptor 110 with EFI and Value-focused Wolverine X2 1000 take center stage

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Many Yamaha side-by-side and ATV categories gained all-new models or functional component upgrades. Yamaha also remains the only manufacturer with full-size sport quad offerings.

Yamaha recently announced its 2024 ATV and side-by-side lineups, and we’re pleased to see significant changes for both handlebar and steering-wheel fans, as well as a few new models. For 2024, Yamaha updated the YXZ1000R side-by-side with a new 6-speed transmission (previously 5-speed) with a much lower first gear. Yamaha also introduced two new well-equipped Wolverine X2 UTVs with 999cc engines, both with a price point below $20,000. The all-new Raptor 110 ATV is Yamaha’s first youth model ATV to feature EFI. And finally, you’ll be glad to know that the only two sport ATVs manufactured today—the YFZ450R and Raptor 700R—are back for another year.


The new 6-speed transmission includes a 40-percent-lower first gear, which Yamaha claims makes slower-speed terrain much easier to navigate. The remaining gears have been optimized for a smooth transition with the same top-speed performance. A rubber bushing has been added to reduce noise while shifting. 2024 models also received higher-electrical output (1000 watts) and additional electrical ports to power more accessories.

The transmission on the YXZ1000R SS received further upgrades with Yamaha’s new Auto-Shift technology. Drivers can choose between three transmission modes with a new dash-mounted dial: Auto is a fully automatic mode for more relaxed driving, Sport Auto is a fully automatic mode that holds gears longer and shifts at higher rpm, and Sport Shift is a traditional manual sport shift offering drivers complete control of shift points through steering-column-mounted paddle shifters. Launch Control on the SS model can now be engaged in first or second gear with the new transmission. 

The 2024 YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS are available in Team Yamaha Blue. The YXZ1000R SS XT-R Edition has painted bodywork and a color-matched interior, a center-mounted rear-view mirror, Maxxis Carnage tires on beadlock wheels, a sport grab bar with a factory-installed Warn VRX 4,500-pound winch, and interior and auxiliary lighting.

YXZ1000R $20,899

YXZ1000R SS $20,899 

YXZ1000R SS XT-R $23,699

2024 Yamaha RMAX2 1000 and RMAX4 1000 side-by-sides returned in a wide range of trim levels and colorways to fit a wide range of consumer needs and preferences.


New for 2024, the Wolverine lineup grew with the introduction of the all-new Wolverine X2 1000 R-Spec and Wolverine X2 1000 XT-R. The Wolverine X2 1000 combines the compact and nimble Wolverine X2 platform with premium enhancements derived from the premium RMAX 1000, but you’ll pay at least $5,000 less. These models receive a 999cc, DOHC, eight-valve, parallel-twin engine that’s readily capable of receiving Yamaha’s D-Mode switch ($99.99), allowing three power-delivery options (Crawl, Trail and Sport). The new models also include a hydraulic piston-assist dump bed, making them perfect for work and play. 

The 2024 Yamaha Wolverine X2 1000 R-Spec comes standard in White and Armor Gray. The XT-R Edition includes additional features like Titan and Tactical Black painted bodywork, a suntop, a rear-view center-mounted mirror, blue LED interior lighting, and a factory-installed Warn VRX 4,500-pound winch. 

The 2024 Wolverine X2 850 and X4 850 models also return in 2024 with the 847cc twin-cylinder engine package, two-seat and four-seat options, and your choice of R-Spec or XT-R trims.

New Wolverine X2 1000 R-Spec $17,999

New Wolverine X2 1000 XT-R $19,999

Wolverine X4 850 XT-R $19,999

Wolverine X4 850 R-Spec $18,399

Wolverine X2 850 XT-R $17,399

Wolverine X2 850 R-Spec $15,799

The all-new Wolverine X2 1000 R-Spec has a 999cc engine, piggyback reservoir shocks and a hydraulic dumping bed for significantly less coin than the Yamaha RMAX2.


The 2024 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 and RMAX4 1000 R-Spec two-seat models are back with stronger drive components than the base Wolverine X2, more suspension travel, and more features than those offered on the Wolverine X2, including D-mode with three power delivery modes: Sport, Trail and Crawl. The Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport Edition features highly adjustable, sport-tuned Fox 2.0 piggyback shocks, 30-inch GBC Terra Master SQ tires and beadlock wheels. The RMAX2 and RMAX4 XT-R Editions include painted bodywork, a color-matched interior, a Warn VRX 45 winch, Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS, a rear-view mirror, beadlock wheels on the two-seat version and an SSV Works audio package. RMAX2 and RMAX4 Limited Edition get Silver Metallic and black painted bodywork, all of the XT-R upgrades, Fox iQS shocks with electronic in-cab adjustment, 14-inch cast aluminum wheels and a higher-grade audio system. 

Wolverine RMAX4 1000 LE $29,399

Wolverine RMAX4 1000 XT-R $28,199

Wolverine RMAX4 1000 R-Spec $25,399

Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Limited Edition $26,699

Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-R $26,199

Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport $24,899

Wolverine RMAX2 1000 R-Spec $22,999

The new Wolverine X2 1000 also comes in the XT-R trim with painted bodywork, a suntop, a rear-view center-mounted mirror and a factory-installed Warn VRX 4,500-pound winch.


Equipped with a 700-class engine, the Viking models offer comfortable seating for three or six people, can handle up to 600 pounds in the cargo bed, and will tow up to 1,500 pounds with the standard 2-inch receiver. All Viking models include Yamaha’s On-Command selectable 2WD and 4WD, as well as 4WD with full-differential lock for more challenging tasks. 

Standard Viking EPS models are available in Tactical Green. Upgraded 2024 Ranch Edition models feature Copper Metallic painted bodywork, color-matched interior, cast-aluminum wheels, a comfort-grip steering wheel, over-fenders, a center rear-view mirror, a rear grab bar, and distinct Ranch Edition badging.

Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition $17,899

Viking VI EPS $16,599

Viking EPS Ranch Edition $16,499

Viking EPS $15,799

Yamaha remains the only manufacturer with a 450cc and big-bore sport ATV. The 2024 YFZ450R and Raptor 700R return in Team Yamaha Blue color and Special Edition trims.


The all-new Raptor 110 from Yamaha is an exciting ATV that draws its sporty design from the Raptor 700R, but this one is made for riders aged 10 and above. This is the first youth model from Yamaha to feature electronic fuel injection, making it ideal for riding at higher altitudes with little to no performance loss. It gets the power to the ground with a CVT transmission that includes forward, neutral and reverse. The Raptor 110 also has an electronic limiter and throttle limiter to tailor engine response to varying skill levels. Riders can choose between the Team Yamaha Blue or teal color options.

The 2024 Grizzly 90 is also designed for ages 10 years and up, and comes with dual throttle limiters so parents can control speed. Equipped with a 90cc engine and CVT drivetrain, this youth model includes features similar to the full-size Grizzly 700, like mud-protection fenders, trail-pointed comfort suspension, front and rear cargo racks, and Grizzly tread tires. The Grizzly 90 is available in a white and Armor Gray color combination.

The 2024 YFZ50 is an excellent option for young riders aged 6 and above just entering the exciting world of sport ATVs. This youth model takes inspiration from the championship-winning YFZ450R and brings performance and confidence to the next generation of motorsports enthusiasts. Riders can choose between two color options: Team Yamaha Blue or teal.

New Raptor 110 $3,599

Grizzly 90 $3,399

YFZ50 $2,349


If you’re looking for a new 450cc sport ATV, Yamaha’s YFZ450R is the only sport 450 on the market since 2015.  The undisputed podium-topping ATV is trusted by the world’s top racers, including the renowned Grand National Cross-Country and ATV Motocross pro racers, such as Brycen Neal, Walker Fowler, Joel Hetrick and Chad Wienen.

The YFZ450R has a 449cc fuel-injected engine and a titanium five-valve cylinder head, delivering torquey acceleration off idle and abundant power throughout the powerband. A lightweight hybrid aluminum frame with a steel bottom allows the engine to sit lower for more stability when cornering. Upgraded in 2014, the assist-and-slipper clutch reduces clutch lever effort and improves cornering speed.

The Raptor 700R models in the lineup feature a powerful 700-class engine that delivers gobs of torque right off idle, transitioning into a potent mid-range and thrilling top-end. The Raptor 700R is also the only actual big-bore sport ATV offering in dealerships today. Piggyback reservoir shocks with a wide range of preload, compression and rebound adjustment enhance a solid power-to-weight ratio and superior handling in all environments. A value-focused version, the Raptor 700, does not include the higher-end suspension but costs $600 less.

Designed for riders 10 and above, the beginner-friendly Raptor 110 is Yamaha’s first youth model to feature electronic fuel injection. It’s available in Team Yamaha Blue or teal colorways.

Raptor 700R SE $10,899

Raptor 700R $10,299

Raptor 700 $9,699

YFZ450R SE $10,999

YFZ450R $10,599

The Grizzly 700, Kodiak 700 and Kodiak 450 return in a base-model trim or Special Edition trims that include EPS, aluminum wheels, a winch, and SE-exclusive colors.
The Yamaha YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS got a new 6-speed transmission with a 40-percent-lower first gear. Yamaha claims the change makes the YXZ much more friendly at slower speeds.


The Grizzly is Yamaha’s flagship adventure ATV, delivering exceptional power and performance for conquering extreme trails with its nimble characteristics and lighter weight. Meanwhile, the Kodiak 700 and Kodiak 450 offer excellent value and work-ready performance in a compact and agile chassis, ideally suited for navigating tight and technical trails when the ranch work is done.

Yamaha’s 686cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC four-stroke engine powers all Grizzly and Kodiak 700 models. The Grizzly’s engine exhibits a sportier character for recreational riding, while the Kodiak 700 focuses on smooth operation and a milder initial power engagement. The Kodiak 450 is fitted with a 421cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC four-stroke engine. 

The YXZ1000R SS got Yamaha’s Auto-Shift technology, allowing drivers to select between standard Auto, Sport Auto with shifts at higher rpm, and manual Sport Shift with paddle shifters.

All of these models come with Yamaha’s Ultramatic CVT transmission backed by Yamaha’s exclusive 10-year belt warranty. Yamaha’s On-Command 4WD drive enables seamless transitions between 2WD and 4WD. Other than the base non-EPS-equipped Kodiak 700 and 450, all models also include a lockable front differential for ultimate 4WD performance. SE packages include upgraded tires on aluminum wheels. XT-R packages take performance even further with a Warn VRX 25 winch, and XT-R painted bodywork and graphics.

Grizzly EPS XT-R $12,399

Grizzly EPS SE $11,999

Grizzly EPS Camo $12,499

Grizzly EPS $11,399

Kodiak 700 EPS SE $11,099

Kodiak 700 EPS $10,099

Kodiak 700 $8,499

Kodiak 450 EPS SE $8,399

Kodiak 450 EPS $8,099

Kodiak 450 $6,999

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