Just one of 75 new products for the new 2023 Outlander and Outlander Pro ATVs

We’re still unpacking from our 2-day test ride of the new Outlander 700 and Outlander Pro HD5 ATVs, and we’ve got complete reviews coming for both machines. In the meantime, we couldn’t wait to share information on just one of 75 new products coming for the 2023 Outlander models. This 3.7-gallon LinQ mounted fuel caddy extends your range and fun when traveling in the backwoods or open desert, and it’s a far better solution to strapping an auto parts store jerry can on top of your racks.

A large sealed front storage compartment is integrated into the new Outlander design, and the lid can be removed for what Can-Am refers to as “drop down” cargo storage. It’s a great feature for installation of the new fuel caddy, as it locks the container in place with the LinQ-16 system, keeps the center of gravity lower in the frame cradle, doesn’t block forward vision, and its protected by the steel frame of the front rack.


The fuel caddy comes with a rugged handle for easy removal and portability. Refueling can be completed quickly without dealing with a web of tie-downs and bungy cords, and you can still use the rack for strapping down additional gear. Pricing hasn’t been released on the Fuel Caddy as of yet, but we’ll update this story as more information comes in.

Look for this and 74 other new Can-Am branded Outlander accessories on the Can-Am website soon with this link.

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