We’ve mentioned before how much we love receiving letters and photos from our dear readers. It’s the best part of our day! We’re always amazed at the number of photos we receive from three-wheeler owners, both young and old. Please keep those trike photos coming! Similarly, we receive lots of pictures of you guys and gals with your Cannondale and ATK four-wheelers, keeping the memory of those machines alive from a time when sport ATVs were on the rebound and thriving. And some of you are still racing them…Bravo! Although the Cannondale quads had a few bugs, the aftermarket worked those out. If only the economy hadn’t tanked after 2008, who knows where Cannondale might be today with ATV manufacturing?

Here’s a selection of letters and photos that ran in Dirt Wheels February and March 2024 issues from our Cannondale and ATK fans. Keep those photos and letters coming!


Check this out, Dirt Wheels!

I bought my first Cannibal in 2004, and then had to sell it in 2009, and regretted it ever since. I eventually found another one, and happened to have the extra cash about four years ago and scooped up another ’02 Cannibal like my first one. Then, I decided I wanted to own one of each model and each limited edition as well. I bought parts from all over of reassembled parts quads and sold them to friends in the area to try and keep them alive and out on the trails. I eventually found my original one about eight months ago in Pennsylvania, nearly untouched from how I sold it. I’m currently rebuilding it from the ground up, and it still runs! I was able to collect one of each model and a limited edition of each year these things were made, even the ATK versions. At one point, I had around 40 at the same time. My top riding choice is my 2003 Blaze.

Matt Smith – Sussex County, New Jersey


Dear Dirt Wheels,

I own one of very few ATK 450MX quads. This one is registered as a 2007.

Landon Adams – Surprise, Arizona


Dear Dirt Wheels,

I found the Moto locally in pieces and went through the whole thing updating the engine with parts from Black Widow ATV ([786] 422-4526) and Matczak Machine. The Speed I found online, and it had been updated already but had been sitting for years. So, we went through the engine on it and freshened it up. I’m planning on racing a local ice race this winter with the Moto and doing some local MX as well next year. I also have a Blaze I’m currently rebuilding with a 460 big- bore kit that has some cool old parts like Walsh A-arms and a Quad Tech hood.

Kole Berndt – Northern Indiana


Dirt Wheels,

Here’s a picture of my 2002 Cannondale Blaze. It still has the original Ohlins shocks that were reworked by Rock Run. Black Widow ATV ( helped with the EFI mapping, and John Laska built it up to a 450. Spider Graphics gave it a fresh look.

Hunter LaBudde – Ward, Arkansas

Hey, Dirt Wheels,

I have a Cannondale. My buddy bought it new in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I’ve been the caretaker of it. It has all the updates, and it rips! I like to trail ride and go to Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan. I brought this back to life after sitting in a barn for 15 years. Thanks to Black Widow ATV for all his help.

Brad Fellows – Janesville, Wisconsin

Hi, Dirt Wheels,

I’ve owned 11 Cannondale ATVs over the years. 2023 was my third season racing in the NYOA Championship series and District 6. I absolutely love everything about the Cannondale. My current ride has Hermann Racing XC long-travel A-arms, a 460cc piston, and FX cams with a custom shorty HMF exhaust.

Joe Newberry – Duryea, Pennsylvania



If you would like you and your machine featured in the Dirt Wheels “Letters” section, please e-mail a hi-resolution image to [email protected], and include some info about it and where you like to ride. Also include your city and state. Remember, moving ATV and SXS riders must have a helmet on; riders not moving can have their helmets off.

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