Elka System 3 Damper or Precision Steering Stabilizer for my Honda 400EX?

Dear Dirt Wheels,
I have been a reader for over three years now and enjoy the aftermarket parts and upgrade sections. I have been upgrading my 2005 400ex every summer and time is approaching for some more upgrades. Would it be possible to have an article / response about which Steering Stabilizer / Damper to purchase. I have read many forums and can’t decide if I should go with a Elka System 3 Damper or Precision Steering Stabilizer. Any help would be much appreciated!
Keep up the great work.
Wes Jayne, NJ

The Elka and Precision Steering dampers are both great products. For some more upgrade ideas check out our March issue, Best Bang for your 400EX Buck feature on page 60. Thanks for reading.

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