SandCraft toy creators kick off dune season with a massive grand-opening celebration By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Parking was scarce inside and outside of Sandcraft’s new headquarters site in north Phoenix. Custom side-by-side builds stretched across the entire length of the patio area.


In 2004, the introduction of the Yamaha Rhino started the trend of sport side-by-sides, which quickly became popular. This led to the emergence of many aftermarket parts manufacturers who created a wide range of products—from engine hop-up kits to long-travel suspension systems. Initially, much of the focus was on sand riding, and the trend quickly spread from California to Arizona. Since Phoenix is only a little over three hours away from Glamis, developing products catering to sand and desert riding enthusiasts makes sense. Today, dozens, if not hundreds, of powersports parts manufacturers are headquartered in Phoenix, and the trend keeps growing.


Sandcraft Motorsports was founded in 2014 by two partners who lived the off-road lifestyle and saw an opportunity to develop stronger, higher-performing parts for riding in the dunes. Their first successful product was the Sandcraft carrier bearing, an angle-correcting solution for side-by-side drivelines. Today, Sandcraft holds 13 patents for high-quality side-by-side products that are 100 percent developed and manufactured in Arizona, including their diverse line of Sandcraft Destroyer sand tires.

These pair of sand dragsters under the DM Racing tent are said to hold the world record for the fastest side-by-sides ever created. They certainly look the part just sitting still.
Front and center, the star of the show was Sandcraft’s line of Destroyer sand tires. The tires are designed to be as light as possible, but with strong sidewalls to withstand big horsepower.
Rockford Fosgate was on hand with its Polaris Ranger Crew, which has been making the rounds at numerous shows with this $11,000 audio system that will blow your mind from every angle.


While it’s still a relatively new tire, the Sandcraft Destroyer is known for being lightweight but with strong sidewalls that can withstand the abuse of today’s fastest production and modified side-by-sides. Sandcraft Destroyer Mohawk fronts have a center rib with raised diamonds that carve sharply through the sand and provide the right amount of forward-pulling traction when 4WD is engaged. 

Triple X Seats showcased its new products in numerous builds, including this stylish pair looking to give Ford’s King Ranch truck interior a run for the money.
If you’re going to ride dunes at night, you better have plenty of lights. This Maverick X3 packs enough candlepower to light up an entire valley.
The new Sandcraft headquarters consists of 30,000 square feet that contain the entire manufacturing operation of multiple sand-related products and a large storefront.


For the rear, Sandcraft offers the Destroyer Slayers with a straight paddle design for maximum forward traction or the Destroyer Sliders with their staggered paddle design that allows a little more drifting and enhanced cornering. Sandcraft also has its own line of alloy wheels. All tires come in 31-inch and 32-inch sizes, and your choice of the number of vulcanized paddles ranges from 8 to 16. has all the information you need to select the right tire for your side-by-side, whether a stock Honda Talon producing 105 horsepower or a wound-out custom build producing 350-plus horsepower. 

TMW Off-Road was on hand, showing off this Can-Am Maverick R with one of their new cages and color-matched wheels mounted with Sandcraft Destroyer Slayers and Mohawks.
The Sandcraft helicopter was on hand for pictures. It’s used frequently during product testing at Glamis.
Valor Off-Road is also based in Arizona. Valor has been busy promoting its Dual Drilled wheels, which offers a universal fit for many side-by-sides, and its new six-lug wheel for the Maverick R.


In March of 2023, Sandcraft moved into its new mammoth-sized headquarters in north Phoenix. The 30,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility houses Sandcraft’s entire operation—from manufacturing to a sizeable point-of-purchase store up front. For the grand opening, held on September 30th, Sandcraft invited the public and dozens of other Arizona-based side-by-side companies to be part of the celebration. These included local powersports dealerships, UTV stereo companies, side-by-side seat manufacturers, lighted dune whip makers, wheel manufacturers, engine performance shops, side-by-side vehicle wrap installers, bolt-on accessory providers and more! Taco and snow cone food trucks and an inflatable playground and coloring area for the kids were also provided. As you can see here, Sandcraft held its own mini Sand Sports Super Show with plenty of great deals to be had. The timing ahead of dune season couldn’t have been any better!

Since the Polaris XPedition arrived at dealerships, numerous sand builds have popped up. The climate-controlled cab will be a hit on cold nights at Oldsmobile Hill.
As the sun began to set, the crowd grew thicker, taking in great deals on sand products, raffles and plenty of free swag.

Sandcraft RCR 2730 W Foothill Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85027 (480) 539-4438
[email protected]

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