ATV Covers Buyer’s Guide

For some of you, storing your ATV might not be an issue. You have a well-lit, airtight, spacious garage that looks like a museum. You can pull your muddy four-wheeler right in and park it next to the wife’s Range Rover and call it a day. The rest of us don’t have it that good and may have to store our machines outside, in the rain or inside a dusty barn, which will never let anything stay clean for very long.

If you are like us, you will want to read on. We talked directly to the distributors of the top ATV covers to get info on their best value and top-of-the-line offerings. They told us about materials, pricing, weight and styles to help you pick out what would be the best product to help protect your pride and joy.

RMtus_14_utv_cov-xlarTusk UTV Cover

Best value: The Tusk UTV cover lists between $60 and $65, is made of UV-resistant 300D polyester, and comes in black. It has an elastic bottom and adjustable rear bed straps that will conform to accessories, such as a spare tire or cargo box. Size large is actually for smaller UTVs, and the XL fits the larger UTVs and four-seaters.

RMpol_14_1215010009Rocky Mountain ATV Trailerable RZR Cover

Top of the line: For Polaris RZR owners, Rocky Mountain UTV has the Trailerable cover. It’s made from water-resistant nylon and has heavy-duty ratchet straps along the bottom to help cinch it up. There are seven RZR sizes to choose from with prices ranging from $220 to $400. Color is black only.

40020052Moose Ozark Cover

Best value: Moose Utility products can be bought through any Parts Unlimited dealer. The Ozark ATV and UTV covers are a good value starting at $66. They are made from 210-denier, urethane-coated nylon, which resists shrinking, stretching and fading. It is constructed with double-stitched hems with an elastic shock cord for cinching. Tie-down loops are sewn along the bottom to help secure it if stored in a windy location.

40020055Moose Dura Cover

Top of the line: The Dura line of covers are much thicker, using a urethane-coated, 600-denier polyester that is water-repellent and UV and mildew-resistant. The covers are sized big to cover all the way down to the bottom of the tires and conform over any accessories, like plows or cargo boxes. A storage bag is included with every Dura cover to keep it stowed neatly when not in use. The covers are washable and have tiedown loops for extra security. Prices range from $90–$112.

15-6561ATVCoverQuadboss Cover

Best value: The QuadBoss line of ATV covers are an exceptional value, starting at $44 and coming in two color options, such as black and Woodsland Camo. For ATVs, they have two sizes: XL and 2 XL. Quads have grown in size tremendously since QuadBoss began selling covers. These are UV-resistant nylon, with a shock-cord-securing strap running around the bottom. Multiple eyelets are available for extra security with a bungee cord or tie-down. Each cover has a standard sewn-in storage bag.

15-6561CvrBagInsetCamoQuadboss Cover In Bag

Top of the line: Sport UTV and four-seat UTVs can be covered with the QuadBoss UTV cover. Prices range from $70–$100, and they are constructed of durable UV- and mildew- resistant polyester. The UTV covers have a driver’s-side zippered access and eyelets along the bottom for securing with vent holes to keep air from going under and lifting the cover off in strong winds. Color is black only.

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