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2024 SPORT ATVs: Another year has passed, and once again, professional motocross and cross-country racers are regulated to just one sport model worthy of race-readiness. Thank you, Yamaha, for granting us one more year with the YFZ450R. But for intermediate, entry-level and youth riders, there are several sport ATV models to choose from. We’re also seeing some new entries from rising players like CFMoto and Denago, both of which are mixing gas and electric offerings into their youth model lineups. Be sure to check out Yamaha’s new youth-sized Raptor with EFI, too. And then there are the heavy hitters—the sport 4×4 class—currently dominated by the Polaris Scrambler and Can-Am Renegade. We expect this class to expand even further in the coming years. But for 2024, here are your main sport ATV players.



Can-Am’s smallest sport 4×4 ATV is no slouch, with its 650cc Rotax V-twin cranking out 62 horsepower. The Renegade also comes standard with Can-Am’s Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) and Intelligent Engine Braking system with three levels of braking assistance. Riders can switch between 2WD and 4WD on the fly with an integrated Visco-Lok automatic-locking differential. This model does not include power steering, but it does include selectable Work, Standard and Sport performance modes; 25-inch ITP Holeshot tires on 12-inch aluminum wheels; 10.5 inches of ground clearance; and LED headlights. This is also a sport model, so if you need a lot of cargo space, this machine isn’t for you. 



The Renegade X xc 1000R is the machine that dominates the GNCC Pro Sport 4×4 class. It packs 91 horsepower with its mammoth-sized Rotax V-twin engine mated to a CV transmission with high- and low-range gear selections. It’s essentially a small trophy truck with handlebars, taming high-speed terrain with nearly 10 inches of wheel travel, fully adjustable Fox 1.5 Podium RC2 shocks, and rear trailing arm suspension. Other standard features include 25-inch ITP Holeshot tires mounted on 12-inch aluminum beadlock wheels, three selectable engine performance modes, Intelligent Engine Braking, Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering, and Intelligent Throttle Control. 

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For serious mudding, Can-Am took its top sport 4×4 models and made them swim. The Renegade X mr 650 uses a snorkeled 62-horsepower Rotax V-twin with a CVT and gets the power down low with the fully lockable Visco-4Lok front differential. It’s also equipped with Tri-Mode Electric Power Steering, three selectable engine performance modes, and 28-inch ITP Mega Mayhem mud tires mounted on aluminum beadlock wheels with 12 inches of ground clearance. The X mr 1000R gets all of that and ups the stakes with a snorkeled 91-horsepower V-twin, Fox 1.5 Podium QS3 shocks, a 3,500-lb winch, and 30-inch ITP Cryptid mud tires on 14-inch aluminum wheels with color-matched beadlocks.

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The Renegade 70 EFI is designed for kids aged 6 and up and looks every bit like the full-size Renegade. A fuel-injected 70cc engine drives a CVT with forward, neutral, and reverse. The shocks are preload adjustable and provide ample wheel travel. The 70 includes removable floorboard spacers for shorter legs, and the throttle can be adjusted to limit acceleration and top speed down to a crawl while new riders hone their skills. The 110 EFI is for ages 10 and up with its 112cc engine and taller Duro Thrasher tires. Both models include an electric starter with a backup kick-starter, are simple to maintain, and come in two color choices.


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The Renegade 110 EFI gets a lot of upgrades with the X xc package, mostly involving suspension. Dual front A-arms replace single A-arms, and the track width is widened from 38 inches to 42 inches. Standard preload-adjustable shocks also get upgraded to HPG gas shocks with piggyback reservoirs. The X xc gets it’s own color and graphics package with color-matched A-arms, shock springs, bumper, and hand guards. Designed for ages 10 and up, this model gets a throttle limiter and comes with dual halogen running lights to make small riders more visible out on the trail. The X xc comes standard with electric starting and a backup kick-starter.



For riders aged 14 and up, Can-Am makes the DS250 with a liquid-cooled, 250cc carbureted engine. It’s mated to a CV transmission and has a fender-mounted shifter with forward, neutral, and reverse. Double-A-arm suspension and a swingarm at the rear are fitted with twin-tube shocks that provide plenty of wheel travel. Tire sizing takes on a traditional cross-country sport quad setup with 22-inch Kendas up front and 20-inch tires at the rear, and all four wheels are stopped with hydraulic disc brakes. The DS250 gets two 35-watt halogen headlights and a tail/brake light.


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These machines are similar in appearance, but you’ve got your choice between gas or electric power. The CForce 110 has a 110cc air-cooled EFI engine and the EV110 gets a quiet and brushless electric motor with a 40-mile range and three-hour runtime. Both models include automatic transmissions with forward, neutral and reverse. These ATVs also include parental controls consisting of a throttle/speed limiter, phone app-based geo-fence technology, handlebar-mounted safety tether and high-visibility daytime running lights. The suspensions include dual A-arms up front and a mono-shock swingarm with preload-adjustable oil-damped shocks. Hydraulic disc brakes are also standard.




For riders aged 10 and up, these ATVs are similar other than the sporty trim of the Trailhawk and the utility focus of the Mudhawk with its front and rear light-duty racks. Both machines are fitted with a 120cc EFI engine with electric start, and an automatic transmission with reverse. Parental controls include a throttle limiter, a wireless engine shut-off remote, and a tethered engine shut-off switch. LED running and tail/brake lights make these machines more visible out on the trail.


Manufactured for aged 6 and up, Denago gives you two choices, gas or electric? The Mudahawk gets a 107cc four-stroke engine with an electric starter. The EHawk comes with a 750-watt-rated permanent magnet brush-less electric motor with a lithium battery and a 25-mile range. It also charges in under five hours. Both machines are equipped with automatic transmissions with reverse, single A-arm front suspension, and front and rear disc brakes. Parental controls include a throttle limiter, a wireless engine shut-off remote, and a tethered engine shut-off switch. LED running and tail/brake lights make these machines more visible out on the trail.


The Honda TRX250X is the perfect first sport ATV for riders aged 16 and up. It has an easy-to-maintain air-cooled, carbureted engine and manual foot-shift 5-speed transmission with reverse. Honda’s automatic SportClutch makes learning to shift a breeze without the need for a clutch lever or worrying about stalling the engine. The TRX250X uses traditional dual A-arm front suspension and a swingarm rear suspension with an integrated shaft final drive, eliminating the need to maintain a chain. Other features include preload-adjustable shocks, front hydraulic disc brakes, sport pegs with heel guards, and a narrow engine design that keeps the ride comfortable, whether sitting or standing. 




Highly recommended for riders aged 10 and older, the TRX90X is a true sport ATV with its 86cc engine, 4-speed manual transmission, sport suspension, and final chain drive. Like the TRX250X, the TRX90X is a great tool for teaching young riders how to shift manually without the need for a hand-actuated clutch. It’s light at just 262 pounds, making it very manageable and easy to ride out on the trail. Dad will also appreciate simple maintenance with air-cooling and a simple design that makes changing oil and air filters a quick task. And being that it’s a Honda, routine maintenance is about all of the wrenching that’s required.


Kawasaki’s KFX90 is the perfect size for developing riders aged 10 and up. It received a long overdue styling update for the 2023 model year with redesigned bodywork, large footwells with better boot grip, and LED running lights to make young riders more visible on the trail. The small, air-cooled engine and CV transmission have one single speed—forward. It comes with a push-button electric starter and a backup kick-starter. Parents will also appreciate control features like keyed ignition, an adjustable throttle limiting screw and a restrictive CVT collar that can be removed for more acceleration as the rider’s skills progress. 



Kawasaki’s smallest ATV is a great first sport quad for those 6 and older. It has a peppy carbureted engine with a single-speed transmission without reverse. It’s comfortable with easy-to-reach controls, a plush seat, and reinforced footwells to protect small motocross boots. The KFX50 comes with a push-button electric starter and a backup kick-starter. A-arm front suspension and a swingarm are tailored for cornering with preload-adjustable shocks. Parental controls include an adjustable throttle limiter, a restrictive but removable CVT collar, and a tethered lanyard engine kill switch that parents can hold on to as they follow their child on foot.


It’s hard to say no to this many features at this price, especially at a time when sport quads are becoming more scarce. The Jackal has it all with a 199cc engine, 4-speed manual transmission with reverse, dual-A-arm front and rear swingarm suspensions with adjustable shocks, nerf bars, and hydraulic disc brakes. The sport-tuned theme is completed with rounded-edge motocross-style tires and a final chain drive. It’s also easy to maintain with tool-less access to the air filter, easy-to-reach key maintenance areas, a cam-style chain tensioner and electric start. 



The Kayo Storm comes in two different sizes, both fitted with air-cooled engines fired with push-button electric starters.  The Storm 150 is designed for ages 12 and up with its lightweight and compact chassis. It gets a 3-speed transmission with reverse and an auto-clutch, so there’s no need to fret about stalling. The Storm 180 is for riders 16 and up with its taller stance. It comes with an automatic CVT transmission with reverse gear, an electric starter with a recoil backup starter, front and rear disc brakes, nerf bars, and dual front headlights. Both of these sport quads are dune-ready with almost 2 gallons of fuel capacity and a mount for your dune whip.


For riders aged 10 and up, there’s the Predator 125 with an air-cooled, carbureted engine and automatic transmission with forward, neutral and reverse gear selections. The sturdy chassis includes dual-A-arm front suspension, front and rear adjustable shocks, full coverage footwells, and front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. It’s a lightweight package at under 230 pounds, great for riders just entering the sport. Additional features include dual front headlights and a tethered and electronic remote engine kill switch. It’s a solid trail performer with over four inches of ground clearance. 



For the youngest riders, 6 and older, Kayo makes the very affordable Fox/Storm 70 with a fully automatic transmission, push-button electric start, and front and rear disc brakes. Safety features include an adjustable speed limiting screw, a handlebar-mounted tethered engine shut-off switch, a wireless remote engine kill switch, and a safety flag mount. This small youth model also receives dual front headlights and an LED tail/brake light. Despite the price, which is far less than one of those Radio Flyer electric quads, we’ve found the Kayo Fox/Storm 70 to be very reliable with heavy use by our youngest test rider.


Now the kids can ride all day without upsetting the neighbors or until the battery runs out of juice. Kayo’s first entries into the EV ATV youth market have arrived in two different sizes. For aged 6 and up, there’s the EA70 with three forward speeds and reverse. The 70 gets a 500-watt motor, comes with dual A-arm front suspension and adjustable shocks, and gets front and rear hydraulic brakes. The EA110 comes with a slightly larger chassis and taller tires for ages 10 and up. It’s stuffed with a 1000-watt brushless three-speed motor with reverse. The EA110 comes stock with a speed limiter that caps speed at 15 mph. As skills improve, parents can unlock the speed limiter for a 25mph top speed.



If its size doesn’t make you take a step back, its spec sheet will. This machine is over the top everywhere with 89 horsepower from a 952cc twin-cylinder engine, and a combined cargo rack capacity of 500 pounds. It tows just under a ton, has the widest stance of any ATV at 55 inches and weighs as much as a horse. Even the suspension travel numbers and 14.5 inches of ground clearance delve into side-by-side territory. This model also comes standard with Multi-Select EPS, 27-inch Duro tires on 14-inch aluminum wheels, high-output LED lighting, massive front and rear bumpers, and a 3,500-pound Polaris HD winch with synthetic rope. 


At 55 inches wide and slightly less mass than the Sportsman XP 1000 S, the Scrambler XP 1000 S is a thrill to ride in the open desert and a superior dune and rock-crawling ATV. Not for beginners, this monster cranks out 89 horsepower, towers over terrain with 14.5 inches of ground clearance, and then tames it with 14 inches of independent rear suspension travel. Walker Evans shocks are three-way adjustable at all four corners, too! Additional features include an 11-inch Pro Armor light bar, adjustable 3-inch bar rider, Multi-Select EPS, 27-inch Duro tires on 12-inch aluminum wheels, and one of the brightest color schemes that is sure to turn heads.



Unlike the Scrambler XP 1000 S, the Scrambler 850 is made for spirited rides on tighter wooded trails. However, it still packs a punch with a 78-horsepower twin-cylinder, a fully automatic dual-range CVT, and One Touch On-Demand AWD. The Scrambler 850 is a big machine with over 10 inches of wheel travel at the rear, 11.5 inches of ground clearance, 26-inch tires, and the ability to tow up to 1,500 pounds. Other features include single lever three-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, light-duty cargo racks, and a digital display with performance gages and diagnostic information. 


Made for entry-level riders 14 and older, and despite getting a little long in the tooth, the Phoenix 200 is a good starter sport machine that gives newbies a chance to get acquainted with trail riding. It’s easy to ride with its smaller air-cooled and carbureted engine and fully automatic CV transmission with reverse and shaft drive. This ATV includes a color-matched helmet, safety flag, and rider training DVD with purchase. The throttle is speed-adjustable and comes from the factory restricted to 20 mph. As rider skills progress, the throttle can be dialed up to a top speed of 38 mph. Instrumentation is minimal, with neutral and reverse indicator lights. 



It’s good to see the smallest youth models getting updated with newer technology, like electronic fuel injection and modern styling that appeals to a new generation. The Outlaw 70 EFI checks both of those marks for riders six years and up. Other modern amenities include LED lighting, single-lever disc brakes, and an enclosed engine compartment to keep heat away from small legs. The Outlaw 110 EFI is built for riders 10 and older with its larger 112cc displacement and automatic CVT with reverse. These Outlaws come with a throttle limiter that is set to a slower governed speed at the factory. As rider skills improve, the limiter can be dialed out to increase performance. Both ATVs include a tethered shut-off switch, a safety flag, one youth helmet and free online training.


The Suzuki QuadSport Z90 ATV is a compact and agile off-road vehicle designed for younger riders, offering a perfect blend of performance and safety. Powered by a 90cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, it delivers reliable power for beginners while maintaining a manageable level of speed. The CV transmission is fully automatic and ensures smooth acceleration, allowing riders to focus on what’s ahead. Electric start adds convenience, while the built-in throttle limiter, CVT collar, and tether engine shut-off switch provide parental control and enhance safety. The sporty design includes sleek bodywork, comfortable seating and a robust chassis, making the QuadSport Z90 an ideal choice for introductory off-road adventures. 




The Suzuki QuadSport Z50 ATV is a youth-friendly machine for riders 6 years and up. Powered by a 49cc four-stroke, it strikes a balance between power and user-friendly operation. The automatic CVT transmission simplifies the riding experience, allowing beginners to focus on where they’re going without the complexity of shifting gears. Safety features include a tether switch and adjustable speed limiter, providing parents with control over the ATV’s performance. With its lightweight chassis, comfortable seating, and durable construction, the QuadSport Z50 is a versatile and enjoyable option for young riders eager to explore off-road terrain.



2024 marks the tenth year in a row that the YFZ450R remains the only true-sport and race-worthy sport quad available at powersports dealerships. It’s an extremely rare occasion that you’ll see any other make on top of the ATVMX or GNCC pro podiums. Install a tethered kill switch and a set of GYTR nerf bars, and you’re ready to go race the amateur class with a machine that launches out of the gate and carves corners with surgical precision. The YFZ comes from the factory with motocross-width long-travel suspension sporting KYB fully adjustable shocks. The hybrid steel/aluminum frame is designed to carry weight lower in the cradle for optimal handling. Additional features include electronic fuel injection, fatigue-free throttle and clutch lever tension, and an engine that’s prime and ready for aftermarket performance upgrades.




The Yamaha Raptor 700R stands as a formidable all-terrain vehicle, pretty much claiming the title of best-selling sport quad of all time since its inception. At its core is a high-performance, 686cc, fuel-injected engine delivering robust torque and impressive acceleration for off-road enthusiasts. The 5-speed manual transmission with reverse offers versatile control. Its hybrid steel and aluminum frame provides strength and agility, complemented by fully adjustable suspension for an infinitely customized riding experience. The Raptor 700R is available in standard blue trim, a Special Edition color with GYTR add-ons, or you can get the budget-friendly Raptor 700 with base-level shocks.


New for 2024, the Raptor 110 is a welcome addition to the Yamaha youth ATV lineup with its 112cc, electronic fuel-injected engine. Designed for riders 10 and up, the Raptor 110 is easy to ride with an electric starter (and backup kick-starter) and a fully automatic transmission with reverse gear, helping keep eyes focused on the trail ahead. Preload adjustable shocks boast five inches of suspension travel for plush comfort over rippled terrain. Its sporty appearance is strikingly similar to the Raptor 700R, and it’s just as comfortable with easy-to-reach controls, a plush seat, a narrow width between the knees, and deep footwells that protect short legs. Dual front and single rear drum brakes are sealed from the elements to ensure consistent stopping power and control.



The Yamaha YFZ50 is a youth-oriented ATV designed to introduce the thrill of off-road riding to new riders aged six and older. Powered by a reliable 49cc engine, this entry-level machine offers an exciting, yet smooth and controlled experience. The automatic CVT simplifies control, allowing beginners to focus on developing their skills. Safety features, including a tether switch and adjustable speed limiter, give parents peace of mind and enable a gradual learning curve. The YFZ50’s compact chassis is complemented by sporty styling and comfortable ergonomics. With a focus on safety, ease of use, and fun, the Yamaha YFZ50 is an excellent choice for introducing young riders to the joys of off-road exploration in a controlled and supervised environment.


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