Can-Am Adds True Locking Differential To ATV’s.

BRP  builds Can-Am Off-Road vehicles from the rider down, with every detail – from capability and reliability,  to performance, comfort, and beyond – finely tuned for riders to get the most out of their vehicle,  regardless of the challenge at hand. And sometimes, that challenge means getting muddy. Real  muddy. Which is why for 2021, Can-Am is introducing a true looking differential called Visco-4Lok, the absolute best ATV 4-wheel-drive  system available*, so riders can conquer mud like never before. However, Yamaha and Suzuki have had push button locking front differential for decades.

True locking differential

The rugged Visco-4Lok system is an evolution of Can-Am’s already impressive Visco-Lok  technology. The new system works with the push of a button, with selections of two- and four wheel drive. But here is where it goes to an entirely new level with Visco-4Lok – riders can now  engage a 4-wheel-drive lock mode, which instantly provides equal power to all four wheels. The  result? Unbeatable traction. 

“I’ve had a chance to put Can-Am’s new Visco-4Lok system to the test in some of the nastiest,  swampiest mud holes I could find,” said Dustin Jones, Can-Am Off-Road racer and overall ‘gettin’  muddy’ enthusiast. “I didn’t cut this machine any slack and purposely tried to get it stuck in some  holes I would normally go around, but when you lock the front diff it just keeps pulling! You HAVE  to try this thing!” 

Visco-4Lok is available for order on three new 2021 models – the Can-Am Outlander X mr 850 ($11,999),  the Can-Am Outlander X mr 1000R $14,199), and the Can-Am Renegade X mr 1000R. ($15,149) 



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