2024 CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Touring ATV with 90 horsepower and fully adjustable piggyback reservoir suspension.


Premium features, affordable pricing – and more innovation than the same old “new colors and graphics”

By the Staff of Dirt Wheels

As with all ‘smaller’ brands, we’ve constantly monitored CFMOTO’s activities in the ATV world but didn’t take them as seriously as we probably should have. During the Covid mess, CFMOTO slipped beneath everyone’s radar with intense growth in North America as consumers invested in trail recreation to escape shutdown cities. CFMOTO ATV models have always offered competitive pricing with premium features that matched or bested the competition’s same-size base models, making them attractive to new riders entering the powersports lifestyle.

We’ve also noticed more CFMOTO ATVs in European countries’ hard-trials competitions – competing against the Can-Am Renegade 1000 X xc and Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S – and holding their own! Since 2021, CFMOTO has taken over as the leader in European ATV sales with more than 25 percent market share, and now, with a massive new USA headquarters building in Minnesota, they intend to do the same in North America.

2024 CFMOTO CFORCE 800 Touring ATV with 75 horsepower.

Today, CFMOTO announces two all-new two-rider ATV models that should worry competing Japanese, American, and Canadian ATV brands. The CFMOTO CFORCE 800 and CFORCE 1000 Touring ATVs are entirely new, loaded with premium features, and received far more innovation than the occasional facelift many other major ATV players have been feeding consumers for years.

The CFORCE 800 Touring makes more power than most will ever need, while the CFORCE 1000 Touring is all about bragging rights.


Both machines pack all-new powerful V-twin engines. The CFORCE 800 Touring makes 74 horsepower with a full 800cc displacement, while the CFORCE 1000 Touring racks up 90 horses with 963ccs, placing the latter at the same power level as the most significant Can-Am and Polaris ATV models. Both new CFORCE models come with selectable power modes – WORK, NORMAL, and SPORT – and include ride-by-wire tech for more responsive throttle control and lighter thumb-throttle tension.

We got a chance to ride a pre-production CFORCE 800 Touring model in September and were more than impressed. Torque is plentiful, acceleration is strong and linear, and overall power output had us smiling ear to ear. The V-twin has a tight engine feel, never sloppy, and the exhaust emits a crisp and healthy rumble that isn’t overly loud. Under hard acceleration, the 800 pulls without hesitation or flat spots, and it will get away from you if you let it. Remember that the CFORCE 1000, which we did not get to ride, makes even more power.

Dynamic Downhill Assist makes the most of engine braking when descending technical hills.

A CVT gets power to the wheels with both high- and low-range gear selections. Engine braking is enhanced by what CFMOTO calls Dynamic Downhill Assist (DDA), which manages more control and stability when descending steep hills while in low range. Even in high-range, we found engine braking helpful when setting up corners at faster speeds. Both models also get electronically selectable 2WD/4WD/ and 4WD with front differential locked.

Both the CFORCE 800 and 1000 have 50-inch width and 9 inches of suspension travel front and rear.


Both models come with electric power steering (EPS) with four selectable levels of steering assistance, and tapered 1-1/8-inch clamp MX-style “fat” handlebars are standard, providing more strength and leverage. We could steer the CFORCE 800 with the touch of a finger. It turns well with slight body roll, but it doesn’t try to pull you into the ruts; it just goes where you point it.  The 800 comes with preload-adjustable shocks, so bigger riders might want to stiffen them up a notch or two. Both the 800 and 1000 are 50 inches wide, which is only bested by Polaris’ Scrambler and Sportsman XP 1000 S models. The front suspension includes dual A-arms, while the rear gets independent trailing arms. Despite the longer wheelbase required by a two-rider ATV, the CFORCE turns well in tight quarters and reacts with confident precision over off-camber trail sections. Whether taking it slow or blazing through the trees, handling is as good as the top competing brands.

CST Stag tires on 14-inch aluminum wheels are standard equipment.

The CFORCE 1000 Touring gets an upgraded shock package with piggyback reservoir shocks that include separate preload, compression, and rebound controls, allowing riders to dial in their ride for different trails and terrain types. This feature alone is worth the $700 price difference between the 800 and 1000. Both models produce 9-inches of wheel travel front and rear.

An extra-large 7-inch TFT full-color display is easy to view on the go and gets Bluetooth phone connectivity with Apple CarPlay, navigation, and music streaming.


Including what we already mentioned, premium features are plentiful. A 7-inch TFT full-color display is easy to view on the go and gets Bluetooth phone connectivity with Apple CarPlay, navigation, and music streaming. It also monitors every performance diagnostic in real time and displays which power and drive mode you’re currently in. Below the display is a 12-volt power supply and dual USB port that includes USB-A and USB-C.

Other standard features include a 3,500-lb, winch, 14-inch aluminum wheels, steel front and rear bumpers, 1-1/8 inch fat bars with integrated hand guards, replaceable metal footpegs for rider and passenger, and LED lighting front and rear.

A 3,500 lb. winch with synthetic rope is standard on both models. They have LED headlights, taillights, and LED floodlights. The modern styling also includes LED running lights. 14-inch cast aluminum wheels are standard, with the CFORCE 800 getting 26-inch CST Stag tires and 27 inches on the CFORCE 1000. Ground clearance under the 800 is 11.4 inches, and 12 inches under the 1000.

It has sealed storage for personal items, too.

Steel racks get composite covers for optimal load stability and a combined cargo capacity of 297 pounds. Both models come with steel front and rear bumpers, full skid plates, and a heavy-duty front bash plate. Fenders are flared for excellent splash protection. Three color options are available for each machine – including camo.

Our favorite feature – the price tag!


Not at all. The CFORCE 800 Touring will run $9,299 ($9,649 with camo), and the CFORCE 1000 will fetch $9,999 ($10,349 with camo), with every feature we mentioned and a 1-year factory warranty to boot! Here’s a list of the competition’s top 4×4 ATVs in the $10k range:

Arctic Cat Alterra 600 TRV EPS base trim – $10,499

Can-Am Outlander DPS MAX 700 base trim – $10,499

Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon DCT EPS (single rider, 518cc) – $10,099

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 base trim (single rider, no EPS) – $9,999

Polaris Sportsman Touring 570 EPS – $10,499

Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi (single rider, no EPS) – $9,699

Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS – $10,099

We did look at competing 1000cc class 2-rider 4×4 ATVs with similar features, but they were only available from Polaris (Sportsman Touring XP 1000 Trail) and Can-Am (Outlander MAX XT 1000R). Purchasing the CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Touring will save you more than $ 5,000 over either of those brands. It’s no wonder CFMOTO loves multi-brand dealerships where their models can be compared alongside the competition. In an economy where inflation remains uncontrollable, value is one of CFMOTO’s best-selling points.

CFMOTO didn’t skimp on rear seat comfort, and there’s still plenty of space left for cargo


The CFORCE Touring models are new from the ground up, so we have no idea yet. But, based on our limited test ride, we’re very optimistic and can’t wait for more seat time to find out – Stay tuned!



Engine Type… V-Twin, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 8-valve

Displacement… 800cc / 963cc

Horsepower… 74 at 7,500 RPM (800) / 90 at 7,500 RPM (1000)

Torque… 52 lb-ft peak (800) / 63 lb-ft peak (1000)

Fuel System… Bosch EFI

Transmission… Automatic CVT P/R/N/H/L

Drive… 2WD/4WD/4WD Locked

L x W x H… 92.5 x 50 x 57”

Wheelbase… 58”

Ground Clearance… 11.4” (800) / 12” (1000)

Wheel Travel F/R… 9” / 9”

Weight… 959 lbs. (800) / 963 lbs. (1000)

Rack Capacity… 99 lbs. / 198 lbs.

Braking… hydraulic disc

Suspension F/R… High clearance dual A-arm / Independent trailing arm

Shocks… Spring preload adjustable, oil damped (800) / High-pressure gas w/piggyback reservoir, preload/compression/rebound adjustable (1000)

Wheels… 14” cast aluminum


800 – F/R: 26×8-R14 CST Stag / 26×10-R14 CST Stag

1000 – F/R: 27×9-R14 CST Stag / 27×11-R14 CST Stag

Towing Capacity… 1,800 lbs. w/ 2” receiver

Winch… 3,500 lbs.

Colors… Tundra Grey, Lava Orange, True Timber Camo (800) / Tundra Grey, Zircon Black, True Timber Camo (1000)

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