DIALED IN: By Winston “Boss” McKannick


Dear Boss,

I recently purchased a 2022 Vector 700 UTV from Home Depot in Watertown, New York. It’s not perfect, but for 12K it’s not bad. I would like a cab come winter. I asked in the store and was told to contact the manufacturer. I went to their website (www.vectorutv.com/vector-700) and tried to order a soft cab for these North Country winters. The link took me directly back to the Home Depot website where I received this message: “The product you are trying to view is not currently available.” Looks like a vicious circle to me, Boss! Do you know where I can purchase a soft cab for my Vector 700?

Dan Powers

Brownville, NY

Well, son, in my opinion, I would stop asking HD for any accessories or information about your UTV. That is just not what they do! They are more suited to selling you a toilet repair kit than UTV accessories! I would turn to Side x Side Enclosures (724-614-7660) for a soft enclosure. See here https://utvenclosure.com/productshome-depot-vector-700. As of this writing, the cabs are in stock and ready for shipment. Also, don’t look to HD for any service, either! Oh, and FYI, the nearest authorized service center is 75 miles away in Skaneateles at Skaneateles Small Engine ([315] 685-8600), so you are going to need a service manual. Here is a downloadable PDF of the Hisun Vector 700 manual: www.manualslib.com/products/hisun-hs700utv-3975571.html. Hope your Vector works out for you!


Dear Boss,

I have a vintage Honda ATC 110 that has not been abused too much. There is only one problem with it. When I press the shift lever down, it does not pop back up. I must pull it up slightly with my toe, and then it engages the gear. I can shift through all gears without a problem, I just have to raise the shifter after each shift. My question is, which spring of the three needs to be changed?

Terry Jones

Abbot, ME

I don’t think any of the springs need to be changed. I have never seen the shift-shaft spring break. What I think is happening is the shift shaft is bent. The resulting friction of the bent shaft against the engine cases is overcoming the spring tension. Also, when the shift shaft is in the down position, the next gear is already selected. You can’t move because the clutch is disengaged when the shift lever is in the down position. When you raise the lever up, the clutch is engaged. The shift shaft engages and disengages the clutch on each shift to prevent damage to the transmission, and a transmission with no power going to it shifts easier than one that does have power flowing through it. I would pull the right case cover and remove the clutch to access the shift lever and star wheel. See if you can easily move the shift lever manually with it disconnected from the clutch.


Dear Boss,

I have a 2023 Polaris General. Less than 20 hours in and I have a high-pitched whine up to about 30 mph. When I took it back to my selling dealer, they said the drive belt was destroyed with bits of rubber all through the clutches. The sheave faces were gouged and ruined. They claim that the damage was caused by operating the machine below 25 mph in high, and there was evidence of water infiltration that hastened the belt and clutch’s destruction. I was never told by the salesman that I couldn’t operate in high range on the trails, nor could I not run through creeks. I am going to have to pay for replacement of the primary and secondary clutches and the drive belt. There will be no warranty because Polaris considers the damage to be operator error! Boss, what do you recommend I do?

Terry French

Cincinnati, OH

Terry, Terry, Terry, this is or should be common knowledge! And, it is articulated in your owner’s manual. Never rely on a salesman’s statement. It carries no weight with Polaris or the service department. An overheated drive belt can disintegrate and throw rubber everywhere, possibly damaging the clutches. Deep-water crossings can ingest water into the CVT clutches, and if the belt isn’t dried out, it can cause belt and/or sheave damage. So long story short, son, the damage is purely OE (operator error). The only takeaway from this is a learning experience, and you should be now taught what you can do and what you cannot do with a CVT clutch. In normal use, a CVT belt can provide hundreds of miles of trouble-free service and even survive shallow water crossings. I am sorry this happened to you, Terry, but you are not the first and certainly not the last to have this happen. 


Dear Boss,

For the time being I am stuck with the 2016 R-Spec Yamaha Wolverine EPS while waiting for a new ’23. I really hate driving it for any length of time because of the stiff throttle. I damaged my right ankle over in the “Sandbox,” and it really hurts to drive this thing. Because it doesn’t look good for my ’23 to arrive anytime soon, my wife suggested I contact you about a solution so I can enjoy the Wolverine again.

Daniel Nelson

Baltic, SD

I am intimately familiar with the Wolverine’s notoriously stiff throttle pedal and poor ergonomic placement. Even with a good ankle, it can be painful after a long day riding. One thing is to raise the driver’s seat 1 inch. It helps with the angle to the pedal for tall people. The other thing is to add a Throttle Maxx to your floor pedal.
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