Can-Am Maverick R Toolkit – Build your own or buy it built

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Can-Am’s Maverick R is the hottest UTV on the market. For wide-open desert and dune riding, it’s a massive improvement over the X3. It’s a little easier to work on, too.

Whenever a new UTV hits the market and we get our hands on it, we sit down and go over every nut and bolt to see what tools are required to work on it. You can use this list to make your own DIY toolkit. Keep in mind, many of the larger fasteners, such as the shock and suspension bolts, require a wrench and a socket, so pack both. A good adjustable wrench will suffice for the tie-rod adjustments, so there’s no need to add the 24mm, 29mm and 36mm wrenches if space is tight. Also, since there is limited space around some of the suspension bolts, a good ratcheting wrench (21mm) will save a bunch of busted knuckles.

Can-Am Maverick R Toolkit
We assembled a list of important tools you should carry on your Maverick R in the event something comes loose and you need to tighten it.

Better yet, the SuperATV Ultimate toolkit has 99 percent of the tools needed to make trailside repairs on the Maverick R. To make your kit perfect for the Maverick R, we suggest adding a 21mm ratcheting combination wrench, as well as the appropriate socket for your lug nuts. Buy one here: https://www.superatv.com/superatv-

Another suggestion is to put your tool roll inside a waterproof container or dry bag. There’s nothing worse than finding out that your tools have been sitting there rusting between rides. Nelson-Rigg makes an extra-thick, 10-liter Hurricane dry roll bag
(https://www.nelsonrigg.com/motorcycle-luggage/dry-bags/se-4010-hurricane-roll-bag-detail) that’s perfect for carrying the SuperATV Ultimate toolkit. You will thank us later.

Can-Am Maverick R Toolkit

Can-Am Maverick R Toolkit
SuperATV’s Ultimate toolkit has everything you need to work on the Maverick R in one convenient, $275 rolled-up package.

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