Tool Spotlight


We wrench consistently here at Dirt Wheels. Whether it’s changing out a set of wheels and tires for a test, or tearing a whole machine down and installing the industry’s best aftermarket upgrades. It isn’t too often that we find a tool that we value far more than most others in our toolboxes. This Motion Pro Tri-Drive Mini T-Handle kit in a 1/4-inch drive size, with 8, 10, 12, and 13mm sockets is one such tool setup.

We consider this a tool more specified to utilizing on ATVs and ATCs. These days, UTVs don’t tend to frequent the size nuts and bolts that this Motion Pro setup works best with. Its small size makes it easy to store in a travel toolbox or even stored in your riding pack. T- Handles are easy to spin to help loosen or tighten and then you can switch the sockets around to the short sides of the handle to help get more leverage to finish tightening nuts and bolts.


The best part about this T-Handle is that it is inexpensive at $16,99. It has a durable nickel pewter finish and is made out of steel with a 6-inch shaft length and a lifetime warranty.  We rely on multiple tools from Motion Pro to help without projects. Go to to check out their products. Click HERE to go straight to the tool.

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