onX, a pioneer in outdoor digital navigation, is leading the charge to improve recreational access across the country. The Adventure Forever Grants program is aimed at supporting nonprofits, land trusts, trail associations, and other organizations to unlock funding for different recreation-based projects. The program has two application opportunities in 2024, with the first submission window closing at midnight Mountain Time on Friday, May 17th. The second submission deadline is on August 16, 2024 at midnight Mountain Time.

“At onX we believe that everyone should have access to the outdoors. But with that right comes great responsibility to take care of the places that fuel our adventures,” said Becky Marcelliano, onX Senior Brand Manager – Advocacy. “One way we do this is
through our grant program. Since 2018, onX has helped secure and improve public access to 154,000 acres, and supported the maintenance and building of 255 miles of trails. These projects support all types of offroading, from 4×4 and dirt biking to
snowmobiling. Maintaining access is a top priority for the motorized community, and we aim to be part of the solution.”

The Adventure Forever Grants support projects that:

● Acquire & Conserve: Land acquisition (fee-simple) with dual goals of securing
public access and conserving ecosystems. Land can ultimately be transferred to
a public agency, or remain private with a long term conservation agreement or

● Protect Access Routes: Right-of-way easements and land acquisitions to secure
long-term access to public land or water across private land.
● Build Trails that Give Back: Well-planned, sustainably built, new trails. Preference
will be given to trail proposals that have multiple social and/or environmental
● Support Voluntary Private Land Access: Programs and agreements that allow the
public to access private land in a way that benefits landowners, recreational
access, and wildlife habitat. This category includes state administered programs,
as well as conservation easements that allow public access.
● Restore Trails and Riding Areas: Maintenance, restoration, re-routing of trails, or
trash clean-up efforts. Preference will be given to projects where overuse or trash
are negatively impacting the recreation opportunities and/or the ecosystem.
● Grow the Community of Stewards: Programs that instill the ethos of stewardship
through education and inspiration.

The funding for the Adventure Forever Grants must be for a specific site project, and if granted, must be used for that specific project, not for general operating costs. The amounts of funding will vary based on project type, location, and our scoring criteria but amounts granted will generally be between $5,000 and $25,000.

Decisions for the first round of application submissions, due by May 17th, will be made by late July. The second round of application submissions due by August 16th will receive decisions by late October.

If you are interested in learning more about the Adventure Forever Grants rules, guidelines and application process please visit: https://www.onxmaps.com/onx-access-initiatives/outdoor-recreation-access-stewardship-grants

To learn more about the features and benefits of onX Offroad, please visit: www.onxmaps.com/offroad/app.


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