Over Axle Wheel Bearing Greaser Tools

Machined Integrations LLC, has extended its product line with the new Over-the- Axle Wheel Bearing Grease Tool. The Over-the- Axle-Tool saves the user disassembly time since they have do not have to remove the axle prior to greasing the bearing. This helps users stay on top of maintenance without significant downtime.

Wheel bearings for ATV’S and UTV’S often do not come with enough bearing grease to
to keep riding without fail. Limited grease leaves voids for water and dirt to enter and remain in the bearings. Without proper maintenance, the bearings may fail prematurely. Machined Integrations’ Wheel Bearing Grease tools allow you to easily add and maintain grease to your wheel bearings.

Machined Integrations wheel bearing grease tools fit most popular ATV and UTVs.  For more information please visit: Custom UTV Parts


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