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Polaris RZR XP models come standard with a large, pleated paper filter. Ours had far too many miles on it when we changed it. So many miles, in fact, that a cloud of dirt fell out when we tapped it. Nevertheless, the stock $37.99 filter had stopped any dirt from entering the intake. We couldn’t see any evidence of dirt getting through the filter. Paper filters do work well for dust, but they are not reusable, and they do not take water well.


The K&N filter kit comes with the filter oil and spray-on filter cleaner. You clean the treated filter in warm water.


We opted to switch to a reusable cotton-gauze oil filter from K&N. The K&N is designed to provide increased horsepower and acceleration. Like the stock pleated paper filter, the K&N pleated cotton media provides a large filtration area offering low restriction, high capacity and long service intervals. Our filter came pre-oiled, and it fits into the stock airbox with a precise fit. No fuel-management modifications are required to obtain increased performance.

Retail on the K&N is $101.89, but everywhere we checked had it for sale for $80 or less. Once the K&N is dirty, remove the filter, spray it with K&N filter cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes. Wash the filter in plain water! The K&N element even has a one-year limited warranty.


The new filter fit perfectly in the stock Polaris airbox. Switching to the K&N takes no longer than swapping out a stock filter.



Installation is a breeze and so is cleaning. We love the fact that there is no solvent involved. Once the clean filter is dry, simply spray with K&N filter oil. It has a distinctive red color so you can see when you have full coverage. Again, let the filter rest for a few minutes to allow excess oil to run off. Install the clean filter and you are ready to roll again.

This is what the K&N looked like after two dusty California rides. It is doing the job very well.



If you drive a lot, the cost of the K&N will quickly turn into savings on throwaway stock filters. The K&N is easy to use, there is minimal mess and the performance is excellent. Visit their website at www.knfilters.com.

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