What would you do if you discovered such a treasure?

Yamaha Banshee

We stumbled on this rare 2012 Yamaha Banshee on social media @wheeliadores_pr. It turns out a pair of them have been purchased by a collector in the Eastern U.S.(not Binky)  and are being shipped from Australia as we speak. It’s interesting to note, the graphics are similar to what Yamaha is using as throwback colors on their 2024 motocross bikes.

Yamaha Banshee

As far as we know, 2012 was the last production year of the Banshee worldwide. We have been told Australia, South America and the Middle East sold them until that time. Mexico and Canada had them until 2008. The U.S. dealers stopped selling them after the 2006 model year.

Yamaha Banshee

Send us an email at [email protected] with a picture of your Banshee and we will put it in the magazine. Please send as high resolution as possible, so it will reprint on future pages of the magazine. 

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