— Youth off-road machine for $3,699 —

The number one complaint we hear about UTVs is they cost too much. Well, here’s one that is quite affordable indeed. To be fair though, it may not actually be a UTV under the standard classification. Hammerhead lists it in the off-road go-kart category. For one, it doesn’t have 4-wheel drive. To keep things simple and inexpensive it only has power going to the rear axle. Also, the power is quite tame when compared to big 3-cylinder turbos. The 150cc air-cooled engine is rated at 9 horsepower. It uses a CVT automatic with forward, neutral and reverse.

The LE-150 here has independent front suspension with single A-arms. The rear suspension uses a solid rear axle and the engine pivots with the swing arm as it moves up and down. It has hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, rack and pinion steering, digital speedometer, LED headlights and 5-point seat belts.

The width is 55 inches, with a length of 90 inches and it’s 55 inches tall. It has a dry weight of 515 pounds. The front tire size is 19×7-8 and the rear is 22×10-10.

Hammerhead is a Chinese company as you may have guessed, but they do have their USA headquarters and warehouse located in the Dallas, Texas area.

Along with the LE-150 here Hammerhead also sells a couple other 150 models, along with a smaller Torpedo kart and the Mudhead 208R. The prices go as low as $1,299.

One interesting fact you may not be aware of is Polaris actually owns Hammerhead. They bought the Chinese company back in 2015. As far as we know Polaris allows Hammerhead to operate on its own.

The LE-150 has a MSRP of $3,699. Depending on the dealer there may also be a freight and set-up fee.

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