Custom-Wheel Style with Full-Coverage Center Caps – only from STI Tire & Wheel


HD5 Blue Ring and BLACK cap

CORONA, Calif. (June 22, 2015) – Giving ATV and UTV owners the option to customize their wheel sets, STI Tire & Wheel announces full-coverage center caps designed to fit its HD5 Beadlock and HD6 wheels. The optional caps deliver a clean no-lug look by adding a durable center cap that clips in securely.

The full-coverage center caps are available in Matte Black and Gloss Black, plus machine-matching colors of Red, Blue, Orange, and Yellow, to complete a look no other wheel maker offers. STI’s full-coverage caps affix without tools. Beadlock rings in matching colors are available for HD5 wheels. The optional caps retail for $12.31, and are available at authorized retailers.

 HD6 mill cut red cap

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