By Lane Lindstrom and the staff of Dirt Wheels

Regardless of whether your choice of quad is a sport, recreation or utility vehicle, most of us wouldn’t put up too much of a fight if we could add a few more ponies to improve the performance of our ATV.

An effective and relatively inexpensive way to increase the horsepower of your quad is with an aftermarket exhaust system. Not only can an aftermarket exhaust increase the horsepower of your quad, but, in most cases, it can also shave some weight off your vehicle. Think of it as increasing your power-to-weight ratio.

When you decide to purchase an aftermarket exhaust system, you need to do your homework. The responsible thing to do is make sure any new pipes you buy have a U.S. Forest Service-approved spark arrestor, and that the pipes meet the required sound levels. There are plenty of owners who have legitimate reason to buy closed-course race exhaust systems. There is no justifiable reason to use those race exhausts on public trails, not even on your own property if there are neighbors close enough to hear. We want riding opportunities to continue, so that means we have to get along with other trail users.

There are plenty of options for aftermarket exhaust systems. Here’s a look at some of the best exhaust systems on the market, all specifically designed and built for quads.


Exhaust Pipe Kit, Four-Stroke Pipe Kit

Application(s): Suzuki LTZ50; Suzuki LTZ90

MSRP: $339.95; $329.95

Contact:, (562) 945-2453

Who says kids can’t have a little kick in their ride? Not CT Racing. In addition to exhaust systems for full-size quads, CT offers exhaust systems for youth quads. CT Racing’s youth line of pipes for the LTZ50 and LTZ90 don’t utilize the disc system, but are great additions to a youth quad, substantially boosting the horsepower output. And the exhausts kits come with a plug-n-play system with jetting to tune it correctly.

The LTZ50 kit comes with a head pipe, muffler, Dynatek Adjustable CDI, jet kit, K&N filter and Outerwears filter cover.

The LTZ90 kit features a pipe and jet kit, stainless header and midsection while the silencer is aluminum.

Quick hit: Both exhaust systems come with a spark arrestor.


Fat B’ Pipes

Application(s): Suzuki LT500; Honda ATC250R


Contact:, (562) 945-2453

CT Racing has been building race-winning pipes since before ATVs had four wheels, winning more championships than any other brand worldwide.

The company’s newest products are the just-released Fat B’pipe series for the Honda ATC250R and Suzuki LT500. The Fat B’ pipes are a mid- to top-end pipe for those needing maximum horsepower.

Quick hit: The new pipes will soon be released for the Honda TRX250R.


Fat Boy 4 Complete Exhaust Systems

Application(s): Select Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha four-stroke ATVs

MSRP: Starting at $599

Contact:, (619) 258-6306

Duncan Racing manufactures its Fat Boy 4 complete exhaust systems for a number of quads, including special orders for other sport ATV models.

Features of the Fat Boy 4 include CNC-bent stainless steel headers, mid-pipes and tail sections, custom-designed 0.100-inch-wall aluminum extrusion muffler body, CNC-machined stainless steel header flanges, O-ring seal at the tail pipe-to-muffler joint and front and rear end caps are CNC-machined from 6061 billet aluminum. All mufflers are completely re-buildable and re-packable. Also, all Fat Boy 4 exhausts systems come with a free jet kit for the stock carburetor. Several of the Fat Boy 4 systems have a new design, and all are made in America.

Quick hit: Lifetime warranty.


Paul Turner Racing Exhausts

Application(s): Honda TRX250R, Honda ATC250R, Suzuki LT500, Yamaha Banshee

MSRP: Starting at $799

Contact:, (619) 258-6306

Paul Turner, a former Team Honda MX mechanic, has a long history of engine and pipe builds. His pipes were used by Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha factory race teams. Then, Duncan Racing became the sole distributor for PTR products for a few years. In 1989 Duncan Racing bought PTR and has been making two-stroke PTR pipes and building two-stroke engines under the Paul Turner Racing banner ever since.

Duncan Racing pairs its Fat Boy silencer with its Paul Turner pipes for a combination that creates a claimed 30-percent gain in peak power with great low-end response and impressive mid-range pull.

Recommended for MX, cross country, trail, play riding and sand dune riding, all Paul Turner pipes are stamped from 20-gauge steel using extremely accurate dies and hand welded. The header flange is CNC-machined-steel with an O-ring design for optimum seal at pipe-to-cylinder joint. All pipes are pre-fit and pressure-tested. Additionally, all pipe orders made directly from DRI include jets for stock carburetors at no added charge. PTR pipes and Fat Boy silencers use all stock OEM header springs, one OEM pipe bolt and pipe hanger, and three OEM silencer bolts (per side).

Quick hit: Pipes and silencers are sold separately.


Fatty Gold Series Pipes, PowerCore Silencers and Turbine Core Spark Arrestors

Application(s): Popular Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki two-stroke ATVs

MSRP: Starting at $149.99

Contact:, (310) 631-4363

FMF Fatty Gold Series pipes broaden the powerband of your two-stroke ATV and provides a healthy power increase everywhere. Improved throttle response, a linear powerband and enhanced over-rev all add up to a pipe that everyone will benefit from. The Fatty pipe is FMF’s most popular pipe for that same reason. If you’re riding trails, tracks or in the open desert, this pipe has what you’re looking for. FMF Racing’s Tru-Flo stamping process ensures a perfect fit and optimum performance. FMF has matching Powercore and Powercore 2 silencers. The Powercore 2 has a modern, stamped safety end cap. The original Powercore is a bit easier to rebuild. FMF also has Turbinecore and Turbinecore 2 spark arrestors.

Quick hit: FMF is the number-one pipe on the market.


Powercore 4 Exhaust and PowerBomb Header

Application(s): Popular four-stroke ATVs

MSRP: Starting at $199.99

Contact:, (310) 631-4363

FMF’s PowerCore4 exhausts increase horsepower and torque throughout the entire power curve, producing a noticeable power increase that is usable and compatible with every style of riding. Aluminum construction and stainless steel Hi-Flo end caps make for the perfect balance of performance and strength. A removable spark arrestor is included. FMF has the Ti/Carbon 4.1 and the 96 dbA Q4 as well. FMF has the PowerBomb header and MegaBomb header is a variety of materials.

Quick hit: FMF has an amazing range of exhaust pipes and headers that range from aluminum to titanium.


Performance Series Pipes

Application(s): Multiple ATVs

MSRP: Starting at $229.95

Contact:, (216) 631-6980

The Performance Series from HMF has been the staple of the brand since its origin. Whether on dirt or pavement, this exhaust system has the capability of generating an even increase in horsepower and torque while producing an aggressive, deep sound.

Features include a durable 4-inch 6063-T6 aluminum shell. The aluminum used is alloyed with magnesium and silicone. A high-temp powdercoat can be applied for a completely custom look. Featuring a 2 1/8-inch unrestricted core, the Performance Series core has a special perforation pattern that allows the exhaust system to increase power evenly throughout the rpm range. HMF is the leader in custom exhaust and end cap colors. 

Quick hit: Depending on the vehicle you’re riding, you can select from endless color and end cap options.


Titan Series Pipes

Application(s): Multiple ATVs

MSRP: Starting at $459.95

Contact:, (216) 631-6980

The Titan Series is a stainless steel system built to withstand extreme temperatures, increase torque and horsepower, add durability and improve the overall exhaust tone.

The entire Titan Series exhaust system is built from 304 stainless steel. It doesn’t readily corrode, rust or stain, and it can reliably withstand the extreme temperatures generated from high performance quads. The sound from the Titan is deep and aggressive, adding depth to the machine’s sound. This relieves some of the high-pitched sounds created from the stock system. The Titan-QS features a mechanical core design that produces incredible horsepower while keeping the sound levels to a minimum. For racers who are craving maximum horsepower with maximum volume, the Titan-XL features an unrestricted internal core design that produces maximum horsepower at a loud volume. Make sure the output meets the standards at your track.

Quick hit: The 5-inch diameter exhaust shells house an internal exhaust core that creates maximum airflow. When stacked into a dual system, it creates even more power and performance while improving sound.


TRX Mufflers and Exhaust Pipes

Application(s): Small and big-bore Honda TRX 250R

MSRP: $499.95 (pipe); $225 (muffler)

Contact:, (503) 522-2465

LED Performance Engines provides exhaust systems for both small-bore (250/310cc) and big-bore (330-430cc) TRX250R engine combinations. The Oregon-based company also offers big-body and small-body silencers for each combination.

The pipes are designed for a wide range of riding options. For example, the small-bore pipes and mufflers are ideal for dune riding, MX, flat-track racing and play riding. The big-bore pipes and mufflers are also designed for dune riding and racing, including ice racing.

Quick hit: Options available include a chrome finish for an additional charge.


ATC Mufflers and Exhaust Pipes

Application(s): Small-bore and big-bore 1985–1986 Honda ATC 250R

MSRP: $695.95 (pipe); $225 (muffler)

Contact:, (503) 522-2465

Legendary pipes for the legendary Honda ATC 250R three-wheelers come in two different options. One for the small-bore engine (250–310cc) and one for the big-bore (330–430cc) engine. Small-body and big-body mufflers for both pipes are available as LED Performance uses its TRX250R small-bore silencer for the ATC, as well as the big-bore TRX250R silencer for the bigger ATC.

The small-bore pipe and muffler are ideal for dune riding, MX, flat-track racing and overall play riding. Dune riding, trail riding, MX and TT are also a good fit for the big-bore ATC pipe and silencer. The big-bore version offers excellent power down low with great rev out.

Quick hit: Note that the pipes are designed and built for the 1985 and 1986 ATC 250R.


RS-2 Stainless Aluminum Full System

Application(s):  Popular Japanese sport quads and some 4×4 utility models

MSRP: $569

Contact:, (800) 634-9166

The RS-2 is a potent and versatile design that evolved from Yoshimura’s original TRC, engineered to provide increased power and power delivery. With a different pyramidal shape that features increased volume, the RS-2 is a quieter system with a larger core and offers the added bonus of outstanding performance in a value-priced package.

The RS-2’s styling features a diamond-shaped sleeve with stainless steel cone end-cap with the performance offering a large core and increased muffler packing volume, which translates into quieter operation. The configuration of the RS-2 is a stainless steel header and tail pipe. One big feature of Yoshimura’s RS-2 is that its 2.5 pounds lighter than the stock configuration. Many models also have a slip-on muffler as a lower-cost option.

Quick hit: USFS-approved spark arrester included.



SLP Twin Pipes

Application(s): Yamaha Banshee

MSRP: $599

Contact:, (208) 529-0244

These twin pipes for Yamaha’s Banshee quad not only offer phenomenal peak horsepower—claimed 54 horsepower on a stock engine and 80 horsepower on a ported engine)—but through the pipes’ design they provide a much broader powerband with average claimed midrange gains of 10 to 30 horsepower compared to the competition.

Whether you ride on a tight track, in the woods, on desert roads or open sand, these pipes provide the ultimate satisfaction.

Quick hit: Pipes give Banshee lightning-fast acceleration.


T-6 Stainless Steel Single Exhaust System 

Application(s): Yamaha Raptor 700R

MSRP: $818.96

Contact:, (951) 738-8050

Pro Circuit’s Yamaha Raptor T-6 single system is constructed from stainless steel, offering quad riders improved performance and durability. The T-6 single system also comes equipped with a U.S. Forest Service (USFS)-approved spark arrestor, making it easy to alternate between closed-course and off-road riding.

Features include TIG precision welding, stainless steel throughout head pipe, mid-pipe, canister and end cap, machined aluminum muffler brackets for strength and durability, asymmetrical muffler configuration for increased packing volume and removable USFS-approved spark arrestor.

Whether you’re taking your Raptor 700R to the racetrack or to the desert, Pro Circuit is confident its T-6 system will exceed rider expectations on all levels of ATV riding or racing. In addition to the features of the Raptor exhaust, Pro Circuit also has select two-stroke ATV exhaust pipes, some T-4 and T-5 four-stroke exhausts for popular quads, and quiet 496 exhausts.

Quick hit: Made in the USA.


T-6 Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust System 

Application(s): Yamaha Raptor 700R

MSRP: $939.76

Contact:, (951) 738-8050

When one won’t do, try two. Pro Circuit’s Yamaha Raptor T-6 dual system is constructed from stainless steel, offering ATV riders improved performance and durability. The T-6 dual system also comes equipped with U.S. Forest Service (USFS)-approved spark arrestors, making it easy to alternate between closed-course and off-road riding.

Features of the made-in-the-USA T-6 stainless steel dual exhaust system include stainless steel construction throughout the head pipe, mid-pipe, canisters and end caps, machined aluminum muffler brackets for strength and durability, asymmetrical muffler configuration for increased packing volume and TIG precision welding. Pro Circuit also proudly makes these pipes in the USA.

Quick hit: Removable USFS-approved spark arrestors.


ATV Slip-On Mufflers

Application(s): Various, including Honda, Yamaha

MSRP: $280.99–$373.99

Contact:, (877) 847-1558

QuadBoss slip-on mufflers are heavy-duty galvanized steel with a black finish. They can be directly installed on OEM head pipes, thanks to a special coupler with no gasket needed.

The slip-on mufflers feature a built-in spark arrestor and built-in heat shield as well as a galvanized main tube. All internal parts are fully welded and all slip-ons are made in North America.

Quick hit: One-year warranty.


Hunting End Cap

Application(s): QuadBoss slip-on mufflers

MSRP: $106.99

Contact:, (877) 847-1558

The QuadBoss Hunting end cap easily installs on (and fits all) QuadBoss mufflers and lowers the sound 20–30 decibels. The end cap has an inside diameter of 4 1/8 inches and is 7 1/8 inches long.

Quick hit: The Hunting end cap is quieter than stock.



Can-Am Performance Straight Core Slip-On

Application(s): Most popular ATV models, including some three-wheelers

MSRP: $510.52 (for Renegade and Sportsman 4×4 quads)

Contact:, (888) 636-7223

The new 5-inch Performance Series slip-on for multiple models is made of 304 stainless steel with a billet-aluminum tip and offers increased horsepower with a unique sound.

Utilizing mandrel-bent tubing and a high-flow straight core, this exhaust sounds aggressive, but it’s not obnoxious. The slip-on bumps the power up by 1 horsepower, and the system comes complete with a spark arrestor.

Quick hit: Comes with a one-year warranty.

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