Why buy a whole door By the staff of Dirt Wheels

While complete half doors are not strictly necessary on a UTV, they can be beneficial to any build. Half-door replacements generally have the advantage of a full inner frame, but they require installation and hinge and latch alignment. Rather than paying more and dealing with the hassle of installing a full door, an easy and cost-effective way to protect your cabin space is through the use of door inserts. Many aftermarket companies offer a variety of choices ranging in price and material.

Axiom side-by-side door inserts: $219–$399

Axiom has aluminum lower door inserts for two- and four-seat Can-Am X3 and Polaris RZR machines. They enhance the style of your machine and provide riders with greater comfort and safety. These inserts attach quickly and securely to your stock door with no drilling or mods to your vehicle. The .090-inch aluminum construction is strong and durable. 

Contact: (513) 201-0749, www.axiomsidebyside.com

Can-Am OEM door inserts: $354.99–$359.99

These are injection-molded plastic with a steel frame, and they are made to fit Can-Am body lines. The rear doors on an X3 Max must be ordered separately from the front. 

Contact: www.can-am.brp.com

Double OTT UTV tinted door panels: $210–$430

These CNC-cut, 1/4-inch smoked polycarbonate panels are made to fit RZR and RS1 machines. Double OTT makes their parts in Idaho and ships them to you with stainless steel mounting hardware. 

Contact: (208) 559-7890, www.doubleottutva.com

DragonFire Racing door panel and Slammer kit: $256.49–$427.49

These aluminum doors with built-in gusset supports are designed to match RZR OEM body lines and comes with hardware to optimize door function. Textured powdercoat helps to mimic the OEM plastics. These door panels help fill in gaps with function and high style. 

Contact: (800) 708-9803, www.dragonfireracing.com

Extreme Metal Products door inserts: $159.99–$169.95

One of the only products to offer multiple color options, the Extreme Metal Products inserts are made with thicker aluminum than standard. Options are available for the Talon, two-seat Can-Am X3 and most RZR models other than the 50-inch trail. 

Contact: (216) 267-3900, www.extrememetalproducts.com

Factory UTV door inserts: $274.99–$593.98

Factory UTV offers a range of inserts for both Can-Am X3 and RZR models, including the RS1. These choices are made from powdercoated, mild-steel-tube framing and thermoplastic high-impact polypropylene. 

Contact: (916) 383-2730, www.factoryutv.net

Honda Talon OEM door inserts: $209.95–$227.95

The black plastic insert pieces from Honda are available for both two- and four-seat Talon versions. However, if you are ordering for a four-seater, you will have to order the front and rear sets. 

Contact: www.shop.powersportshonda.com

Moose Utilities Division door inserts: $249.95

MUD lower-door inserts require no drilling, making these an easy install directly to your existing OE upper door without having to modify your existing door. All the necessary mounting hardware is included. They are made from lightweight aluminum and are powdercoated black. Currently, they are available for Polaris RZR and Can-Am X3 models. 

Contact: Available at dealers, www.mooseracing.com or www.mooseutility.com

Polaris OEM door inserts: $199.99–$849.99

The OEM RZR inserts are durable plastic with a steel frame. The good thing is, factory accessory parts come with a one-year warranty. 

Contact: www.rzr.polaris.com

Pro-Armor lower door inserts: $214.95–$429.95

Pro-Armor Polaris door inserts fit 2014–2020 models and include both two- and four-door options. They are made from laser-cut and CNC-bent aluminum and have a hemmed edge like the UTV Giant selection. 

Contact: www.proarmor.com

Trail Armor door inserts: $135–$250

This is one of two options we found made from clear polycarbonate material. While see-through doors can bring a unique look to your build, they also help you to keep your line of sight open for rock crawling. The inserts are also available in a black HDPE plastic. Both types are 1/4 inches thick, and made for Talons and the RS1. 

Contact: (662) 233-5700, www.trailarmor.com

SuperATV door inserts: $174.95–$595.95

SuperATV RZR lower-door inserts are lightweight and contoured to your machine’s shape. The fit is tight and rattle-free. These lower panels are easy to install and work in conjunction with OEM doors. Each lower-door piece is constructed of a tough, lightweight aluminum and powdercoated. They are available for Can-Am X3, Polaris RZR and Pro XP and Talon. 

Contact: (812) 574-7777, www.superatv.com

SuperATV clear door inserts: $199.95

SuperATV’s clear lower-door inserts keep you protected and let you see more. They’re made from 1/4-inch clear polycarbonate that’s tough enough to take hits from rocks, branches and debris without buckling. They make it easy to spot rough patches and tricky terrain around your tires. It gives you protection without compromising your visibility. Available for Can-Am X3 and Polaris RZR. 

Contact: (812) 574-7777, www.superatv.com

Tusk Aluminum lower-door inserts: $89.99–$139.99

Tusk is a trusted brand from Rocky Mountain ATV with fair pricing and good-quality products. These aluminum inserts are made for a wide range of Polaris models going back as far as 2014, as well as 2019 and 2020 Talon models. These inserts mount to the OEM door and have a rubber seal to keep debris out. 

Contact: www.rockymountainatvmc.com

Tusk plastic lower-door inserts: $99.99–$269.99

It might seem strange that plastic inserts from Tusk are slightly more expensive than their aluminum ones. It makes more sense when you understand that the molded plastic has a durable steel frame. The plastic versions are made to fit most Can-Am X3 and Polaris RZR models. 

Contact: www.rockymountainatvmc.com

UTV Giant Polaris lower-door inserts: $89.95–$139.99

UTV Giant offers a few options for punch-cut aluminum door inserts that are easy to install on your RZR or X3. If you have a Ride Command model, you will have to drill a few extra holes for the speaker bolts. These have a hemmed edge rather than a rubber seal and are made in the USA. 

Contact: www.utvgiant.com 

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